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Denise Luiso and Tom Morello want to instill important values in their children.

Denise Luiso and Tom Morello want to instill important values in their children.

Rage Against the Machine’s guitar virtuoso Tom Morello has established a name for himself, garnering “Grammy” awards and raising awareness as a political and social crusader. Now that he is a parent, he and his wife Denise Luiso are passing these same ideals of speaking out for one’s rights onto their sons Rhoads and Roman.

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The Morello Family

Mary Morello, a prominent schoolteacher, and Ng’ethe Njoroge, a former Kenyan diplomat, were the parents of Morello. The singer was raised in a powerful household with many kin working in the Kenyan government. He lost the support of his father when he was only 16 months old. In a small Illinois town, his single mother raised him.

In 2009, he wed Denise Luiso, who is now his wife. She works as a music director in Los Angeles, California. Rhoads and Roman are the couple’s two sons. The musician has admitted that he called his boys Roman Gabriel and Randy Rhoads, two of his idols who played quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams.

Morello teaches His Child Values

In a November 2019 interview with Elaine Sir, the musician was honest about his parenting style and his sons.

The Audioslave member identified three characteristics that he wanted to instill in his children: kindness, ferocity in standing up for the weak, and independence. He also hoped that his sons would be compassionate and tenacious in standing up for the weak.

He claimed that the biggest surprise of parenting was seeing how many values were passed down to children. He emphasized that parents should try to set an example for their children rather than instructing them what to do and that children were their own persons.

Morello’s Parental Style

A successful child, according to Morello, is one that is secure in their self-worth and their emotional well-being because they are loved and cared for. The singer is definitely going for this. There was no father in his life because his mother raised him. He declared that he will take steps to prevent a repeat of his son’s past.

The answer, according to Morello, is to prioritize his sons and be present for them, even if that means forgoing sleep and work. He claimed that he never declines a request from his kids to do something with them. His main goal in doing this is to instill in his children a sense of pride in their status as the musician’s top priority.

Morello acknowledged that he balances his profession with family. In order to avoid having to travel far from his children, he had scaled back his tour schedule. The musician claimed that he was fortunate to be able to make decisions that favored spending time with his children, citing his own childhood.

The artist admitted he makes an effort to have lots of free playtime. He enjoys hiking, hunting for coyote paths, and searching the yard for five different kinds of leaves with his sons. Along with them, other children, and their parents, he plays baseball.

Regarding the varied heritage of his sons, Morello said he had begun teaching them about civil rights even though he was unsure of the appropriate age. The actor stated that it was crucial for the kids to comprehend those who came before them because the children are Kenyan, Italian, and even a little French. He gives examples of his relative Jomo Kenyatta, who was Kenya’s president and also a pianist, to illustrate how he doesn’t just focus on huge accomplishments but also on minor ones.