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Deborah Norville Discusses Her Love for Children and Being a Mother

Deborah Norville Discusses Her Love for Children and Being a Mother

Although it is common knowledge that the spotlight rarely compliments a healthy family life balance, Deborah Norville, a two-time ‘Emmy Award’ winner, proves otherwise. Inside Edition’s anchor is a wonderful mother of three children who have mutual love, respect, and enthusiasm for one another.

Norville’s unwavering commitment to her family while juggling her career and philanthropic endeavors earned her the “Mother Of The Year Award” in 2014.

Deborah Norville is a single mother of three children.

Norville and her husband, Karl Wellner, have three children, all of whom have reached adulthood. Nick, their oldest son, is 30, Kyle, their middle child, is 26, and Mikaela, their youngest daughter, is 23.

All three children attended Duke University and now work in fields that are closely related.

Nick works as an account executive for Intercom Australia, Kyle works as an associate for his father’s firm Papamarkou, and Mikaela works as a Sales Development Rep for Attentive in New York.

Norville Makes Time for Family Despite Her Busy Schedule

Norville, a veteran journalist, has been the host of Inside Edition since March 6, 1995. She holds the record for being the longest-serving anchor on American television. She is a best-selling author and lecturer in addition to being a TV personality.

Not only that, but she also markets and sells a line of yarns for knitters and crocheters called the Deborah Norville Collection, which is produced by Premier Yarns.

Despite her hectic schedule, she manages to spend quality time with her family. Norville’s children’s success is well-explained, given the time and effort she has put into raising them.

Even though her children are now adults, she still spends a lot of time with them. You can see her going to Broadway shows, New York Ballets, and baseball games with her family on her Instagram feed, among other things.

Norville even surprised Mikaela on her 22nd birthday by showing up at Mikaela’s college dorm. During the pandemic, she also purchased 7000 puzzles to work on with her family.

In May 2021, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she took to Instagram to express her joy at being a proud mother. “They’ve grown a little… and so has my love for my three incredible kids,” she captioned the photo.

She also expressed gratitude to her children for making her the happiest mother on the planet. “Thank you for making me the world’s happiest mother!”

Norville and his husband’s unwavering commitment to their children are inspiring.

While many affluent individuals put pressure on their children to choose specific careers, Norville and her husband Wellner have set strict boundaries. In September 2009, Wellner told Elitetraveler that they planned to let their children choose their own courses.

Norville’s tone is very supportive in her Instagram photos as well, and she appears to be very proud of what her children have grown up to be.

Norville was named “Mother of the Year” for her flawless career-family balance.

Norville received the American Cancer Society’s “Mother of the Year” award in October 2014 for her efforts in motivating women in her community and contributing to cancer research.

Norville has spearheaded several cancer research initiatives as the daughter of a cancer sufferer and, most recently, as a patient with thyroid cancer.