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DeAngelo Williams’ ‘$16 million’ net worth was boosted by his NFL career.

DeAngelo Williams’ ‘$16 million’ net worth was boosted by his NFL career.

DeAngelo Williams, a former running back who retired from the NFL in 2018, had 11 seasons in the top division. He spent nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers before spending the final two seasons of his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015 and 2016.

He has not, however, entirely retired from playing the sport he loves, despite retiring from the NFL and amassing a sizable financial worth during his professional career. Currently, he is a member of the Marist College Football Team.

DeAngelo Williams’ NFL Career in Condensed Form

In the NFL, DeAngelo Williams had a reasonably successful career. Williams only played for two teams throughout his 11 years in the Premier League.

The Carolina Panthers were his first professional squad. He joined them in 2006, after being selected 27th overall in the first round of the NFL Draft.

After that, he appeared in 117 games for the Panthers, starting 82 of them. After nine years with the same crew, though, it was time for a change.

As a result, Williams signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015. He was with them for two seasons, 2015 and 2016. During those two seasons, he appeared in 25 games, starting 14 of them.

In his more than a decade in the NFL, Williams has made 142 appearances, 96 of which were as a starter.

In 2016, his age was catching up with him. He became a free agent after his contract with the Steelers expired at the end of the 2016 season. Instead of retiring from the sport, he decided to give wrestling a shot, something he had always wanted to do.

At Impact Wrestling, DeAngelo Williams had a one-match stint.

In July 2017, Williams made his first and only debut as a wrestler at Impact Wrestling’s annual pay-per-view event. He barely practiced for the vent for three days, but he appeared to be a natural at it.

Williams, however, shocked everyone when he announced his retirement from wrestling after only one match. The time he was on the verge of suffering a catastrophic neck injury during the match was the catalyst for his early retirement. He said in 2018 that he would return to Impact wrestling, however, he has yet to do so.

Awaiting An Offer That Never Arrived

In a July 2017 interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the running back stated that he still wants to play football for the Steelers. However, the team decided not to resign him for a third season, therefore that did not materialize. After that, he went the entire year of 2017 without playing a single game.

Williams remained hopeful for a call from a team or a head coach from any other NFL team at the moment.

Unfortunately, no NFL team desired Williams’ talents, so that did not materialize either.

Following that, he shared a training video on Facebook in June 2018. He used the hashtag retiredandstillworking in the video’s caption. This was the first hint he offered about his impending retirement, and it also served as his official retirement announcement.

DeAngelo Williams is now a first-year college football player.

Williams received a call after a two-year hiatus from any meaningful experience on the field. Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, offered him his first Division One contract.

On February 3, 2020, Williams announced the offer in a tweet.

How much money does DeAngelo Williams have?

It’s safe to assume that the majority of Williams’ earnings up to this point have come from his time in the NFL, with a few extra cash from his Impact Wrestling appearance thrown in for good measure.

According to Sporrtrac, he earned $10,425,000 between 2006 and 2010 while playing for the Carolina Panthers. He was offered a better contract in 2011, which upped his income from $10 million to $43 million over the course of five years.

In 2013, however, his deal was decreased to $10 million for three years.

Williams’ compensation with the Pittsburgh Steelers was significantly reduced. His compensation was set at $870,000 in 2015 for a two-year contract worth a total of $4 million, with an increase to $2 million in 2016.

Williams also got signing bonuses for each new deal he signed, as well as advertising and endorsement money that he should have received.

He made a total of $46,204,195 in the NFL throughout the course of his 11-year career.

In terms of his current financial condition, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Williams’ net worth to be around $16 million, albeit they do not explain how they arrived at this figure.