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Dawn Staley gay? Her Relationship Status, Partner, and Parents

Dawn Staley gay? Her Relationship Status, Partner, and Parents

Dawn Staley exemplifies women’s emancipation with her revolutionary basketball achievements. But her personal life, especially her relationship status and outlook on marriage, are different.

The coach has never spoken about her partners or lets people doubt her sexuality.

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Dawn Staley, Lisa Boyer, lesbians?

Staley has never spoken publicly about her relationship status or partner, leaving admirers to speculate.

Due to her boldness, many fans assume she’s a homosexual. Long-standing speculation. Zaria tweeted in 2014, “I think Dawn Staley’s gay.”

In March 2021, another Twitter user assumed she was lesbian, however, she said she didn’t know. “Dawn Staley a diff type of old fine.. homosexual self.. ion even know if she’s gay, but she looks it,” she tweeted.

Lesbian preconceptions weren’t random. Staley is close to South Carolina coach Lisa Boyer.

In a now-deleted tweet, the three-time Olympian called herself and Boyer a married couple. She praised Boyer for sacrificing her career for her.

Dawn Staley tweeted on 7 May 2018 about Lisa Boyer’s support.

The tweet is the only evidence that Staley is married to Lisa Boyer. They haven’t verified their connection or called each other partners.

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Their deaths

Staley was born on May 4, 1970, to Clarence and Estelle.

Her parents moved to South Carolina in their teens from North Philadelphia. Lawrence, Anthony, Eric, Tracey, and Dawn Staley are their children.

Staley lost her father to sickness in 2006. Her mother, who forced her to focus on school while playing basketball, had Alzheimer’s.

Staley relocated to South Carolina for her mother. In August 2017, her mother died at 74.

Cancer-stricken sister’s plea

Staley asked for good wishes from her followers for her sister’s early recovery from leukemia in May 2020.

South Carolina’s head coach posted that her sister has leukemia, a blood cancer. She asked for cards and messages to cheer up Tracey.

Her sibling recovered with five chemotherapies and a bone marrow transplant in 2020. Lawrence, their sibling, donated 10/10 stem cells.

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