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David Silver, Trixie Mattel’s boyfriend, served as the inspiration for her “Grown up” tour.

David Silver, Trixie Mattel’s boyfriend, served as the inspiration for her “Grown up” tour.

The next Grown Up tour by Brian Firkus aka Trixie Mattel is largely influenced by her current romantic situation, much like her earlier works.

This one is based on her three-year relationship with her lover, David Silver, as opposed to Ages 3 and Up and Moving Parts.

The beloved drag queen spoke out in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming tour.

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“Officially Grown Up” Trixie

The reality star said in the 2019 interview that she had turned thirty and that it was at that time that she recognized she had “officially grown up.”

She wanted to use her set to symbolize the fact that she had left childhood behind and entered adulthood.

But more than that, the comedian wanted the three years she spent with Silver to serve as the source of material for her upcoming tour. This is not the first time that her romantic endeavors—or lack thereof—have served as the inspiration for one of her shows.

As an illustration, Ages 3 and Up included a constructive portion regarding her breakup, whereas The Moving Parts was inspired by singlehood.

The multifaceted drag queen, however, assured the audience that the upcoming performance was from a different planet.

Being used in television shows, silver “Hates”

Since Silver’s relationship with Mattel has lasted the longest of any that she has had, it is reasonable and anticipated that it has influenced her artistic endeavors. Silver, though, would prefer not to be included in the performance.

Mattel described how Silver dislikes it when she makes jokes about personal matters onstage, especially when his mother is present.

A 2020 tour was planned for “Grown Up.”

Despite all of this, Trixie’s Grown Up tour had to be postponed from its initial 2020 date. She said that changing the dates and the entire lockdown situation made her upset in an interview with PopMatters.

She, however, resisted the need to whine while doing so. Mattel made the decision to concentrate on what she could accomplish from her condo.