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David Muir: Is He Married? Discussing His Gay Rumors, Biography, Parents, and Salary

David Muir: Is He Married? Discussing His Gay Rumors, Biography, Parents, and Salary

David Muir is a well-known face to ABC News viewers, and his reputation reflects his exceptional abilities and endearing disposition.

He serves as the primary anchor of World News Tonight, co-anchors the ABC News magazine 20/20, and is a member of the news division of the New York-based ABC broadcast television network.

His professional life is public knowledge, but his personal life is not.

Learn about his personal life, relationship status, parentage, and ethnicity in this section.

Relationship status of Muir

Fans from all over the globe are curious about Muir’s relationship status. There is no information or even a suggestion about his private life.

The ABC News anchor has never discussed his relationship status on social media. He has never disclosed such information in any of his interviews. This makes it difficult to determine whether the experienced journalist is married or unmarried.

The only online reference to Muir containing the term ‘love’ is a blog post by Kate Dries for Jezebel. Dries referred to Muir as her boyfriend in an article titled “Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster’.

rumors of his homosexuality

Since Muir, age 47, has never confirmed having a companion or wife, many began to speculate that he is a closeted homosexual.

In 2015, internet rumors that he was in a relationship with ABC reporter Gio Benitez heightened interest in his sexual orientation.

Fans speculated they were courting based on multiple sightings of them together, as reported by Heavy, so the rumors are also unfounded.

On September 17, 2015, however, reporter Benitez became engaged to his partner, Tommy DiDario, and discussions ceased.Benitez and his fiancé DiDario married legally on April 16, 2016.

However, Muir has never denied or confirmed any allegations concerning his sexuality and personal life.

Named by People Magazine as one of the Sexiest Men Alive

It is obvious why so many individuals are inquisitive about Muir’s relationship status at ABC. In any case, his charismatic personality tends to endear him to others.

Muir was also dubbed one of People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2014, alongside GMA contributor Tim Tebow and part-time GMA correspondent Michael Strahan.

This list included well-known Hollywood actors like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Idris Elba.

Muir’s father was an army veteran.

Muir was born in Syracuse, New York, on November 8, 1973.He possesses American citizenship and is fluent in Arabic and Spanish.

In May 1995, the ABC anchor graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

His father is named Ronald Muir, and his mother is named Pat Mills. His family also includes an older sibling named Rebecca Muir.

Muir’s Instagram account displays his parents’ and family’s affection in an expeditious manner. He also remembers his deceased father’s service to the United States as an army veteran.

Newscasting experience from a young age

Muir’s fluency in news broadcasting is the result of years of experience.

When he began reading the news from a cardboard box in his family’s residence, he was a young child. He even used his allowance to purchase a cassette recorder from RadioShack and began interviewing individuals he knew, primarily his sister’s teenage friends.

Even with his companions, he watched the 6 p.m. news every day.

He pursued Political Journalism at Georgetown University, following his passion. In Spain, he concluded his advanced studies at the University of Salamanca.

He began his television career in his hometown on WTVH-TV. Five years later, he began reporting from Iraq and Florida for WCVB-TV in Boston.

The native of Syracuse joined ABC News in 2003 as the anchor for World News Now. His field expertise enabled him secure the position of chief correspondent.

From 2013 to 2014, the Emmy-winning anchor co-anchored ABC’s 20/20 and became the sole presenter and managing director of World News Tonight with David Muir.

Due to his exceptional performance, he was given the authority to oversee ABC News’ breaking news and special event coverage in February 2021. Prior to him, the position was held by George Stephanopoulos, a veteran ABC News anchor who held the title “chief anchor.”

His Income and Net Worth

Muir, one of the most prominent broadcasters at ABC News, employs an emotional perspective when relating stories. No surprise he has such high ratings.

World News Tonight with David Muir dominated the ratings for 26 consecutive weeks in 2018.

In addition, during the last week of April 2020, his show averaged 10.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched program of the week.

As a prominent journalist, he obtains a $5 million annual salary, which contributes to his $20 million net worth.