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David Freiburger’s Wife, Family, and Net Worth are all included in his bio.

David Freiburger’s Wife, Family, and Net Worth are all included in his bio.

Editor-in-Chief of HOT ROD and HOT ROD Deluxe is David Freiburger, an automotive enthusiast. He has previously worked as an editor for journals such as 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Car Craft, Rod & Custom, and others. He can also be seen on HOT ROD TV, heard on HOT ROD Live Radio, and followed on road trips in episodes of the Roadkill show, which can be found at

Aside from his business, David is known for having an excessive number of automobiles, the most well-known of which is the F-Bomb Camaro. He’s also a member of the 200 MPH Club in Bonneville.

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On August 21, 1946, David Freiburger was born.

David started working at a Dodge dealership parts counter after graduating from high school, then moved on to a machine shop, an aftermarket ignition company, and eventually Petersen Publishing as a HOT ROD staff editor in 1991.

Who Is David Freiburger’s Wife?

David has a sizable fan base who are interested in learning more about his personal life. He is, however, the type of person who prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight of the media.

If you’re curious as to whether David has a wife or not, we can tell you.

Despite the fact that he is never seen in public with any women, the only time he has referred to any lady as his wife was in 2011, when he tweeted:

However, it is unclear whether he has a wife or not because he has not addressed her since then.

Many people began to doubt his sexuality due to his low-key demeanor. And there are whispers that he is gay now and then. However, having a wife in the past disproves the gay accusations.

Let’s look into David Freiburger’s net worth.

David has his own YouTube channel where he broadcasts films and information about various cars and parts. With around 36k subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has a sizable fan base of automotive enthusiasts. David also has his own shopping website, shop.

He also makes a lot of money from the show Roadkill, which is about him and his work with vehicles.

Given that the average pay for a television host in the United States is $110,279 per year, we may assume that David earns $111,543 each year.