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David Dobrik’s Dating Life: He Once Married His Friend’s Mother Just for Laughs

David Dobrik’s Dating Life: He Once Married His Friend’s Mother Just for Laughs

David Dobrik has been successfully persuading his YouTube admirers that he is dating his assistant and close friend Natalie Mariduena.

In their defense, he has put up a convincing performance.

In August 2020, though, the famous YouTuber announced that he was truly “very single.”

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Mariduena and Dobrik’s Relationship

Dobrik’s connection with Mariduena was suggested by the YouTuber himself.

He frequently posted coupley images with a high school buddy, and the fact that they literally live together makes for a very appetizing pseudo-relationship status.

In one of his April 2020 videos, he stated flatly that he had been “hooking up” with Mariduena.

The YouTuber’s assistant walked into the screen after his declaration, pushed her cheek against his, and pouted. He reaffirmed his assertion and made it clear that he was serious.

Even so, whenever the press has contacted him and inquired about his relationship status, he has stated that he is single. According to his reputation, he was most likely telling them the truth.

He was previously married.

Dobrik achieved the aforementioned “reputation” by marrying Lorraine Nash, the mother of his friend Jason Nash, in order to prove the comic incorrect.

In May of this year, he revealed details of his marriage in a tweet.

He revealed in the post that a buddy told him he would never find love and marry. As a result, he flew to Nash’s mother’s home and married her there and then.

He boasted, “Now that same acquaintance is my stepson.” “True love is always victorious.”

The spoof marriage didn’t last long, as he announced his divorce in a subsequent tweet the following month. He even made fun of his supporters for not respecting his privacy while wishing his ex-wife all the best.

He had only one girlfriend.

Dobrik’s sole previous relationship was with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy. The former couple dated for two years, from 2015 to 2016, before breaking up due to their busy schedules.

They made a video to announce the news to their followers six months after their breakup. Dobrik stated in the video that their relationship was no longer healthy.

The relationship had reached a stage where both sides felt like they were living different lives, according to Koshy. They kept it hidden for so long because they were enraged that they had grown apart in the first place.

Since then, the video has been made private.

They’re Still Great Pals

Dobrik admitted that he was friends with his ex-girlfriend, even best friends, a year and a half after their relationship ended.

Koshy isn’t keeping their friendship a secret either. She told Access in August 2019 that she found Dobrik’s marriage and divorce with Lorraine humorous.

Koshy was unsurprised that Dobrik was able to pull it off. She truly believed he would go to “any length” for their vlog, and she enjoyed watching it.