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David Archuleta Wants a Virtuous and Supportive Wife, But Who Is He Dating Now?

David Archuleta Wants a Virtuous and Supportive Wife, But Who Is He Dating Now?

David Archuleta, an American singer-songwriter, has had high expectations for a female in his relationship since he was a teenager.

With his celebrity, he quickly became a heartthrob, prompting speculation about his romantic interests. And when asked the most common question, “What is he looking for in a wife?” he didn’t disappoint his followers.

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Archuleta wishes for his future wife to be supportive.

Archuleta answered questions from his fans during a Facebook event in 2014, and the most prevalent one was about his ideal wife after he gets married.

In response, the songwriter revealed that he had developed a list of qualities he desired in his wife. Following that, he stated that he was looking for someone who loved the Lord more than she loved him.

Archuleta also stated that he desired someone who is self-assured, handles oneself well and is enjoyable to be around.

When asked if he thought his wife should be a singer like him, he said it didn’t matter to him. Meanwhile, the desired her to be supportive of his actions.

The 30-year-old singer also remarked that having someone with morality would be lovely and that he could learn from her.

“You can see by looking at them that they understand what virtue is,” he remarked. “What exactly is virtue? The temple comes to mind when I think about virtue. Something pure and unadulterated. Someone who aspires to live in this manner. It simply makes a huge impact.”

He was single and had no girlfriend at the time he was answering all those queries.

His Relationship Status Right Now

Archuleta maintains his personal life quiet, which keeps his love life hidden. However, he is currently single, according to reports.

He was associated with various divas from the glamour world in the early days of his career. Actress Fernanda Andrade, singer Jordan Pruitt, musician Jackie Castro, and actress Hagood Coxe are among others on the list.

Archuleta’s tweet was interpreted as anti-gay.

After walking into a homosexual pub in 2010, Archuleta was speculated to be gay. He then clarified the rumors, saying that he had gay friends and was there to see them.

“I have gay friends who are wonderful individuals,” he remarked.

Things changed four years later when the singer was accused of being anti-gay.

When the singer-songwriter posted a quote from the Mormon Church, it provoked outrage. Because it said that love could only be communicated between a man and a woman, the tweet was deemed anti-gay.

The ‘Crush’ singer later apologized for insulting people with his quote. He stated that his objectives had been misinterpreted.

His Ascension to Fame

Archuleta rose to prominence after finishing second in season seven of American Idol in 2007. The concert provided him the confidence to release new music.

The next year, the songwriter released his debut album’s first hit, “Crush.” In May of the following year, his song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In October 2008, he released his first Christmas CD, Christmas from the Heart. On the US Holiday Album Charts, this album reached number two. Following that, his second studio album, The Other Side of Down, was released in October 2010. It charted at number thirteen on the Billboard 200 in the United States.