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Danny Garcia’s Twin Sisters: All You Need to Know About the Up-and-Coming Musicians

Danny Garcia’s Twin Sisters: All You Need to Know About the Up-and-Coming Musicians

Danny Garcia is a professional boxer who has won world titles in two weight divisions. He has a remarkable 36 victories and three losses in his professional boxing career, which spans 39 contests.

Danny is now a tremendously popular athlete, and the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association named him the 2013 Philadelphia Pro Athlete of the Year. He isn’t, however, the only member of his family who has achieved celebrity.

Sianney and Angelise, Danny’s twin sisters, are influencers and a pop/rap pair that are creating a reputation for themselves. Here are some fascinating facts about the SiAngie Twins, a group of sisters.

The Puerto Rican Twin Sisters

Danny, Sianney, and Angelise, Danny’s sisters, are all Puerto Rican. They were, however, born in the United States. They were both born and raised in Philadelphia.

Huge Social Media Presence

With over 1.7 million Instagram followers, the SiAngie Twins have a sizable social media following. They have also had a YouTube channel under their collective name since 2011, where they have been uploading content.

Initially, the channel included exclusively the twin sisters’ covers and original songs. They began to share more of their life on their YouTube channel, including Q&A videos, storytimes, mukbangs, and cosmetic tutorials, as time went on.

Sianney and Angelise have over 389,000 subscribers on their YouTube accounts.

Their father has battled cancer.

Angel Garcia, the sisters’ father, is a cancer survivor. In the late 2000s, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He spoke with Behind The Gloves about his struggle with cancer, crediting science and God for his victory.

Danny, his world champion boxer son, is also trained by Angel. Danny began training as a boxer as a result of his father, who was also a boxer. He’s been training since he was ten years old.

The Twin Sisters Were Educated at Home

The sisters disclosed that they were both homeschooled in a video titled “10 Facts About the SiAngie Twins” that they released to their YouTube account in April 2016.

They also mentioned how good they were in school, characterizing themselves as “straight-A students.”

Maritza Garcia, the twins’ mother, rushed to Instagram in June 2020 to congratulate her daughter Angelise on her honors graduation.

Duo of Pop/Rap

The Angie Twins are a pop/rap combo with many EPs under their belt. They had an appearance on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen series in 2017 and have been releasing music on their YouTube account for a long time.

In 2014, the twin sisters released their first EP, My All. Since then, they’ve released another EP, Innocent Savages, as well as an LP, Good Girls Gone Bad.