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Danielle Savre isn’t married yet, but she’s already giving birth to children.

Danielle Savre isn’t married yet, but she’s already giving birth to children.

Danielle Savre, a talented actress and singer, made news this year for two reasons. The most recent was for resuming her role as Maya Bishop in Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19’s fifth season.

Another case was more personal and unique to her. Many fans and the media applauded her for donating her eggs to a surrogate in order to assist a lesbian couple starts a family. Chris Ogden-Harkins, her childhood closest friend, and his husband, Jacob ‘Jake’ Ogden-Harkins, are said to have been recipients of her largesse.

“My eggs were donated to Chris and Jake, and their surrogate is currently pregnant and expecting a baby in November. This is going to be a big family!” In June 2021, Savre informed ABC7.

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Danielle Savre Assists Her Friends with the Birth of a Child

According to the publication, Chris and Jake, a gay couple, were pleased to have their first child together. They were also appreciative to a friend who took time out of her hectic schedule to perform medical operations on them.

Chris stated, “She’s been so open, so eager to let us share and be happy about our path.” “And allowing those who wish to embark on their own path know that they can do it in a variety of ways.”

Jake also added,,,,

Similarly, Savre stated that their motivation for making the news public was to make people aware of the process so that they would be less afraid when approaching it.

What Is the Relationship Status of Danielle Savre?

Many followers are unaware of Savre’s relationship status when we talk about her generous conduct towards her best buddies. This is due to the actress’s extremely secretive personal life.

She is also now single, according to some sources.

Furthermore, there has been no news or even conjecture of her marrying a husband to date.

Danielle Savre’s Boyfriends and Dating History

Over the years, the actress has been associated with a few men in the industry. According to one story, Savre hooked up with her Summerland co-star Jesse McCartney in 2010.

They were even seen together in April 2005 when they went to the Hollister store on Newport Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. They did not, however, confirm or deny the rumor.

Furthermore, in the late 2010s, Savre was rumored to be dating Andrew Contis, a hockey analytics/video analyst for the Chicago Blackhawks. Contis formerly worked as a partner management intern at O2K Worldwide Management and as an NCAA men’s ice hockey manager at Michigan State University.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Grey’s Anatomy actress and she claimed ex-boyfriend bought a three-bedroom property in Old Town, Chicago. “I’ve had it for about a year and a half. I’ve just been there for about three months, which is insane, but it’s my home “She spoke to the magazine about her home in Chicago.

Some admirers on Twitter have speculated that the couple is no longer together. According to one user, the two split up in March of this year.