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Danielle Bernstein’s Weight Loss and Photoshop Confession 

Danielle Bernstein’s Weight Loss and Photoshop Confession 

Danielle Bernstein, a fashion star and influencer, has been chastised repeatedly for using photo-editing software to enhance her physical appearance. Her Instagram post from August 2020, in particular, made the wrong headlines, and as a result, the fashion designer was widely chastised for her behavior.

Bernstein began her career as a blogger at, a fashion blog she launched during her college years, more than ten years ago.

Despite her professional achievement, she has been the subject of intense scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Berstein’s practice of copying designs from other designers and fashion brands is one of the most notable.

She was accused of duplicating a design for a chained fabric face mask in 2020. A design that was previously popularized by the Latino band Second Wind. In a subsequent incident, fashionista Bernstein was photographed wearing a “vintage pair” of gym shorts in one of her Instagram images a few days later.

Bernstein stated in her post that the shorts would be mass-produced soon; however, it was later discovered that the designs for the shorts were stolen from an Australian company called Art Garments.

The Instagram Scandal of Danielle Bernstein

The fashion enthusiast/Instagram influencer was heavily chastised for her social media post and its implications in August of 2020. She sent two photos of herself, indicating that they were taken with various light settings and attempting to explain how the lighting changed and covered her cellulite in the caption.

Instagram is the source of this information.

She can be seen in the photos wearing shorts that expose her thighs. According to Bernstein, the “sun is behind me in the first photo, so I’m backlit and it’s more attractive.” “Direct sunlight, which displays my cellulite,” says the second image.

“Both are stunning,” she continued, “but a simple 180 may radically affect the look.” Bernstein used the hashtag #uneditedbutfiltered near the end to emphasize that no editing tool was used to enhance her appearance, something she had been chastised for.

“Me looking for a difference in these photographs,” one user said in the comment area, expressing her followers’ incredulity. Bernstein was singled out by one of the Instagram users, who remarked, “In both photos, your body appears to be the same. I get what you’re attempting to convey, but this isn’t it, honey.” While someone else was writing, “However, you appear to be the same individual. And with no cellulite in either? (Which, by the way, is very natural and acceptable).”

Danielle Bernstein Admitted to Using Photo Editing Software

Bernstein shared a photo of herself with a long caption on July 8, 2020, showing her physique in the full stretch while wearing a swimsuit and enjoying the sun. Stretch marks can be seen on the top portion of her right thigh in the same photo.

“Me, myself, and my unedited body,” the opening six letters of the lengthy inscription read. Bernstein wrote in the post that she is “constantly working on self-love while being exposed to millions of people and their opinions on a daily basis.”

Bernstein also stated that she is “far from ideal,” adding that she would “smooth down a stretch mark here or tuck in some bloating there.” And she hopes that by “opening up and revealing my vulnerabilities,” she will show that individuals dealing with physical challenges are not alone, and that “I’m here for you, and as always.”

Bernstein also talked about utilizing photo-editing software to boost her look and demonstrate her weight reduction in her 2020 book This Is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules, and Being a Boss in the Big City.

Bernstein, who goes by the handle @weworewhat on Instagram, has 2.7 million followers as of this writing.