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Daniel Sunjata Is Against Workplace Dating and Dispels Gay Rumors

Daniel Sunjata Is Against Workplace Dating and Dispels Gay Rumors

Falling in love with an on-screen partner or a cast member would not have been difficult for an actor like Daniel Sunjata, who spends a lot of time on set with his co-stars. Sunjata’s tight rule, on the other hand, forbids such a scenario.

The American actor has a personal rule that prohibits him from having romantic relationships with coworkers.

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It’s a ‘Huge No’ to Date in the Workplace.

In August 2015, the Notorious actor gave a BuzzFeed interview in which he discussed his favorite book, song, and character, as well as his thoughts on a variety of topics. Among all of the themes, his thoughts on dating in the workplace drew a lot of attention.

When the reporter inquired if dating was a yay or no for him, he stated flatly that dating at work was a “big no.”

He expanded on his response, saying that he had a personal rule not to date someone from work. The Tony candidate also stated that he established the rule while in graduate school at New York University and that he has followed it ever since.

The Illinois native explained why he set the restriction in the first place, claiming that if the relationship went bad with a co-star, it would have an impact on the entire environment.

His response highlighted that, whatever happened, he didn’t want his personal and emotional relationship to interfere with his professional goals.

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Gay rumors were debunked by him.

Sunjata prefers to keep his personal life to himself. The Manifest actor has often been rumored to be gay, maybe because of his practice of keeping his relationship details away from the media.

And the fact that he played Darren Lemming, a gay character, in Richard Greenberg’s play Take Me Out at the Donmar Warehouse further added to the rumors.

Thankfully, while speaking with The New York Times about his gay character, the 49-year-old cleared the air. He claimed to be straight but had no qualms with playing a character who was not his real-life self. He stated that he wants to promote more tolerance for such topics.

Rosalba Sierra was a person who was linked to Rosalba Sierra.

Now, the star of The Stand keeps his personal life private. However, he was romantically linked to Rosalba Sierra in 2006. When they were seen shopping in SoHo, New York on August 8, 2006, they fuelled dating rumors.

On April 4, 2007, they attended a cocktail party for Dani Shapiro’s new book, “Black and White.” In 2008, the two were even seen together. In New York City, they were seen shopping and strolling.

However, their public appearances have disappeared since 2008, and curiosity about their connection has dissipated.

Despite the media attention, Sunjata never mentioned Sierra in any of his interviews or social media posts. He remained silent on the subject and never confirmed that they were dating.