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Daniel Goddard’s Response to His Return as Cane on ‘Young and Restless’ Is Complicated.

Daniel Goddard’s Response to His Return as Cane on ‘Young and Restless’ Is Complicated.

For 13 years, Daniel Goddard played Cane Ashby. He became a fan favorite after joining the hit soap opera The Young and the Restless in 2007.

He was the father of three children and the husband of Christel Khalil’s Lily Winters. His marriage eventually fell apart as a result of his adulterous romance with Juliet Helton, played by Laur Allen.

The soap opera’s epic romance had everyone enthralled. However, on October 22, 2019, Goodard announced his sudden departure from the show. He tweeted, “I will no longer be a part of the cast of the Young and Restless.”

He revealed that he was sacked from the show and expressed his amazement and sadness at the news. Nonetheless, the great actor expressed gratitude for his 13 years on the show.

Despite the fact that Goddard said his goodbyes to all of his Young and Restless viewers, his followers have always expected him to return.

In a September 23, 2021 interview with, he addressed his fans’ fears regarding his future return to the show.

On His Return to ‘Young and Restless,’ Daniel Goddard

Goddard was asked if he would reprise his role on the show by the interviewer. His response, as expected, was far from straightforward.

“That’s an excellent question,” the Sydney native said, carefully selecting his words. He then stated that he would like to return to the show. He also claimed that the plot’s circumstances have to change in order for him to stay in the novel.

Despite expressing interest in returning to the show, Goddard refused to say whether the production had approached him about a return.

What is Daniel Goddard up to these days?

Goddard went through a difficult emotional journey after his abrupt exit from Young and Restless. Just before losing his job, he lost his long-time buddy and co-star Kristoff St. John.

However, the unexpected hardships forced the television star to re-prioritize his life.

“I’m probably the happiest I’ve been in a long time,” he revealed on Facebook in August 2020 during a mini-reunion with former co-stars Mishael Morgan, Bryton James, and Sean Dominic.

According to his stories, he used the time off to focus on himself and a social media program called BILDBORD, which he had been working on with James.

In May 2020, the duo released the app, and in August 2021, they hosted the first augmented reality fan event with past and present members of Young and Restless.

The iPhone app allows soap opera lovers all around the world to interact and share or debate their favorite series, characters, and stars.

Goddard hasn’t done any new acting gigs since the show’s premiere. Instead, the 50-year-old has been concentrating on his work as an entrepreneur.

He also spends time with his long-time wife, Rachel Goddard, and two boys, Ford and Sebastian, while he is not working.