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Dan Katz prefers to keep his girlfriend’s information private.

Dan Katz prefers to keep his girlfriend’s information private.

PFT Commenter and Daniel “Big Cat” Katz are the co-hosts of the Pardon My Take podcast. He has been with Barstool Sports since 2008 and is one of the company’s most well-known celebrities.

With one exception, the podcaster who goes by the moniker ‘Big Cat’ prefers to keep his personal and professional lives distinct. Dan revealed his personal life for the first time in his career in March of 2019. He disregarded his habit of keeping his personal life to himself and talked about his partner’s pregnancy and their unborn kid in an essay for Barstool Sports headlined “I’m Going To Be A Dad This Summer (On Purpose).”

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Lady Cat’s Pregnancy is Announced by Dan

Dan has always addressed his companion as ‘Lady Cat,’ and has avoided disclosing any information about her to the public. In fact, it’s unclear whether she’s just her girlfriend or if the two have tied the marriage.

In March of this year, Dan revealed that Lady Cat was expecting a child. He also announced the gender of the child, stating that he wanted to provide his son with the most natural upbringing possible. He then went on to express gratitude for his readers’ and followers’ well-wishes.

Dan signed off the article as Dad Cat and included a postscript in which he stated that his son will be born in June of that year.

He attached a photo of himself, his wife, and his dog Stella to commemorate the happy occasion.

Big Cat Has Been Renamed “Dad Cat”

In June of this year, Dan and Lady Cat welcomed their son (whom Dan refers to as Lil Cat). The Pardon My Take podcaster took to Instagram to share the news of his son’s birth and his Lady Cat’s good health.

Dan captioned a photo of his baby with the words, ‘Life just become very real.’ Lil Cat and Mom are both doing well. I didn’t have any wiseass quips for the first time in my life. I sobbed a little and said softly, “Oh f**k.”

Dan Isn’t Going to Tell You Much About His Son

Big Cat has always made it a point to keep his Barstool Life separate from his personal life. He stated why he preferred to keep his personal life out of Barstool Sports and his content in the same blog post where he announced Lady Cat’s pregnancy. He claims that keeping his family private allows him to maintain a sense of normalcy despite the high demands of his job. He also expressed gratitude to his podcast co-hosts and fans for respecting his decision.

Dan went on to declare that he would not be making decisions about his child’s birth or upbringing and that he wanted to provide his son with the most normal upbringing possible. This included not broadcasting his son’s childhood on the internet for all to see. Did his wife share this demand for privacy? Lady Cat hasn’t appeared in any of his material or social media handles since the announcement of his pregnancy in 2019.