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Dak Prescott’s Parents Played a Key Role in His Success

Dak Prescott’s Parents Played a Key Role in His Success

Dak Prescott is the second highest-paid player in the NFL, with an annual salary of $40 million dollars. Many people admire him for his contributions and efforts in fighting illness and helping others, even outside of his football accomplishments.

Prescott attributes his success to his family, with both of his parents playing significant roles in his life. He has frequently emphasized their value and lavished praise on them on numerous occasions.

Aside from his parents, the Cowboys quarterback mentions how close he is with his brothers and how they have supported him along the way.

grew up with a competitive spirit

Prescott is the youngest of three brothers, and he grew up competing with Tad and Jace. Prescott struggled to keep up with his brothers because they were six years apart in age.

When he came home crying one day because he couldn’t keep up with his siblings in football, his mother, Peggy Prescott, instructed him to sit on the sidelines if he couldn’t keep up with them.

Prescott claims he made the decision to do whatever it took to stay with them at the time.

Prescott’s mother had the greatest faith in him, in addition to establishing a competitive mindset in him from an early age.

Only his mother, according to the star quarterback, has higher expectations for him than he has. And he constantly went out of his way to make sure he didn’t let her down.

His toughest coach was his mother.

Peggy got into football since her high school lover, who later became her husband, was a football player. Her three sons picked up the sport as well as she did.

Unlike most mothers, though, she did not take a backseat when it came to her kids’ athleticism, constantly encouraging them to improve. Prescott referred to her as his “best friend” and “greatest coach” he’d ever had.

Dak Prescott’s father, Nathaniel Prescott, described her like a football authoritarian who would do everything for her sons, even giving the coach a piece of her mind.

Peggy died of colon cancer in 2013, but she continued to attend Dak’s games even though she was sick. Nathaniel, too, was always there for Dak, and after she died, he helped keep their family together.

When speaking with Graham Bensinger, Dak defined his father’s position in his life as one of unwavering support.

Finish the Faith Fight

Dak always acknowledged his mother as the most important in his life, despite the fact that his siblings and father played important roles in his life as well.

The NFL star launched the Faith Fight Finish charity after her death from cancer.

In honor of Peggy, who set an example for Dak and his brothers by acting as a mother figure to not only them, but all the kids in their buddy group, the foundation helps battle cancer and aids youths suffering life-challenging circumstances.