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Cory Cotton’s Perfect Wedding Story At 30 Years Old With Stunning Wife; Trick Shots & Height

Cory Cotton’s Perfect Wedding Story At 30 Years Old With Stunning Wife; Trick Shots & Height

Cory Cotton, an American YouTuber, has been in a happy relationship with his stunning wife for years, and the star is now expecting two new additions to his family.

Cory Cotton, a Texan, is one-fifth of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel. He presently works for Dude Perfect, LLC as an author, entertainer, and head of production.

For his YouTube fans, Cory Cotton plays Airsoft Battle Royale with his four friends (Published on 19 November 2018)

Prior to becoming a YouTuber, he was the author of the book Go Big: Make Your Shot Count in the Connected World (2011), which chronicles the journey to celebrity of five friends and offers advice on how to turn one’s passion into a full-fledged career.

Cory Cotton’s Quick Biography (Age & Height)

William Cory Cotton, the YouTuber, was born on July 17, 1987, in Texas.

Cory was a major sports fan as a kid, and he started playing basketball, tennis, and cross country races at a young age. Cory had a sporty figure and a good height of 5 feet and 10 inches, but he gave up his dream of being a professional basketball player and instead focused on getting a degree.

After high school, the Texas native attended Texas A&M University and studied Speech Communications, which is when he met Garrett Hilbert Tyler Toney, and Cody Jones.

During his university years, the quintet hung out together, including his identical twin brother Cody. Tyler did a trick shot during a casual stroll in their backyard, which quickly racked up 200,000 views, resulting in the formation of the group.

Cory Cotton’s Road to Becoming a 36-Million-Subscriber YouTuber

Soon after, Cory and his four friends launched their YouTube channel, Dude Perfect, which became their ticket to popularity.

Cory and Cody were the ones that accidentally came up with the channel’s name. After the camera set-up during one of the shows was so flawless that it had to be hardly moved to record, the brothers yelled, “Dude, Perfect!” in unison to their cinematographer.

And there was no turning back once they released their debut video together. Their YouTube videos have millions of views, and their channel has more than 30 million subscribers, making them YouTube’s ninth most subscribed channel.

Cory and his four friends upload sports videos to their YouTube channel, Dude Perfect, on a daily basis. Cory and others are frequently shown in their channel attempting gravity-defying trick shots that are insanely difficult to execute. They are also one of the few YouTube stars to have a regular TV show and to advertise well-known products such as NERF, Pringles, and Fiat.

Cory and his friends have appeared not only on YouTube but also on television. Following their success on YouTube, the trio was featured on ESPN, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and had their own show on American television, CMT. Not only that, but their videos have featured some of the most well-known athletes in the world, including tennis legend Serena Williams, NFL great Odell Beckham Jr., NBA star Chris Paul, and the soccer clubs Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea.

The band has also released a mobile game called Dude Perfect. The organization has a net worth of $20 million as a result of its efforts. The group generates roughly $500K each month from YouTube alone, but that figure rises to nearly a million dollars when sponsorships and other affiliations are factored in.

Happily Married Ever After Cory Cotton’s Fairytale Wedding

Cory has a good career and a wonderful family life to go along with it.

On August 6, 2016, Cory married his girlfriend, fashion blogger, and housewife Amy Elizabeth, in a fantasy ceremony. The couple exchanged rings on March 27, 2016, and only five months later, they exchanged vows.

The Venue at Waterstone, as the name suggests, was where they exchanged vows away from the huff and puff of Dallas.

Amy wore a white shoulderless gown and her golden hair was elegantly braided backward, making her look like a fairy. Cory, on the other hand, looked sharp in a grey suit. Furthermore, the tiny and private guest list, which included Cory’s friends and family, was dressed to the nines in identical clothes to the bride and groom.

Amy characterized their wedding as the best day of her life, explaining that the ‘I Do’ they exchanged indicated that they were intended to be together forever in the name of the Lord.

Cory never misses an opportunity to display his love for his wife on Instagram, whether it’s their wedding anniversary or her birthday.

Cory appears to have solved the code, whether it’s for a seemingly impossible trick shot or for a successful marriage with his wife.

Cory Cotton Is Getting Ready To Welcome Two New Babies To His Family.

More wonderful news for the happily married pair and their admirers, as the couple announced their new bundle of joy on Instagram on August 9th, after two years of marriage. A boy and a girl are on the way for the couple!

Cory Cotton poses with his pregnant wife for a photo (Photo: Amy Cotton’s Instagram | 27 October 2018) Two Bundles of Joys on the Way

Cory Cotton, whose Instagram is packed with romantic photographs of his love, celebrated his wife’s baby shower in October of 2018, and his wife also gushed in an Instagram post about the supportive husband Cory and the soon-to-be father, stating:

Best wishes to the couple on their new adventure, and kudos to Cory for being a fantastic husband and soon-to-be fantastic father!