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CopperCab: What Happened? Youtube bans the creator of the viral video “Gingers Do Have Souls.”

CopperCab: What Happened? Youtube bans the creator of the viral video “Gingers Do Have Souls.”

CopperCab, or Michael Kittrell, is the titular protagonist of the channel of the same name. After publishing their first video, ‘GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!’ in 2010, they became popular.

They enjoy using their YouTube account to convey their views and feelings.

As a result, they have gathered a large following of both supporters and bullies.

They frequently stated that they didn’t care what their audience thought and that they would continue to make videos whenever and however they pleased. However, Kittrell’s YouTube channel, CopperCab, was unceremoniously terminated by the network, leaving the YouTuber in ruins.

CopperCab: What Happened?

When Kittrell initially started uploading videos to CopperCab, they were called a troll, but over time, the channel grew to over 300K subscribers. As a result, they established a successful online profession through YouTube.

Unfortunately, when YouTube banned their channel, it was all for naught. Kittrell posted a video on Twitter on August 29, 2021, indicating that their account had been suspended.

They urged their fans and YouTube to help them reclaim their channel in an emotional video. They explained that their account was suddenly suspended without explanation from YouTube.

The video received a lot of likes and retweets, and it went viral on Twitter. Kittrell posted a new video thanking their fans and followers for their support in raising awareness.

They emphasized that they had been on YouTube for 11 years in order to make people laugh and smile. They now feel as if “a piece of them has been taken out.”

Following the success of their first post, YouTube looked into their request and responded to Kittrell on Twitter. CopperCab was banned by the platform due to “frequent or severe violations” of their Community Guidelines on Hate Speech, according to the platform.

YouTube opted to keep the channel suspended as a result.

Kittrell said that they had no idea what caused the breach and that whatever was to blame would be removed from CopperCab.

YouTube stated it was personally examining CopperCab’s suspension after Kittrell’s reaction. However, because the process takes time, the platform has not yet decided whether or not to reinstate the account.

CopperCab’s 11th year

Kittrell had been making videos for the site for 11 years, and they had a lot of controversy during the last decade. However, their attractive and amusing nature has gained them a following.

Kittrell announced on Instagram on February 8, 2021, that they were their big inspiration. They talked about their prior challenges growing up in the Georgia suburbs and expressed pride in who they were.

Kittrell took nearly a decade to become a well-known YouTube star, but that didn’t mean they could relax. They were, on the contrary, continuously seeking to “fine their art” and stay “ahead of the game.”

They wrote that they were enthusiastic about their work and grateful for everything. The tenacious YouTuber claimed they were never tired and would keep working no matter how difficult things become.

Kittrell had big plans for YouTube and filming films, but due to the suspension of CopperCab, we may never see them realized.