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Conor McGregor’s Sisters: Everything You Need to Know

Conor McGregor’s Sisters: Everything You Need to Know

It’s no secret that UFC athlete Conor McGregor is one of the most well-known competitors in the organization’s history, having won numerous titles and shattering records.

He stunned the world at UFC 194 when he knocked out his opponent in just 13 seconds to claim the undisputed featherweight title and the fastest victory in a UFC title fight.

The boxer claimed to be the best in all three weight divisions, but only won titles in two of them.

He persuaded Floyd Mayweather to give him millions of money and a boxing bout. Mayweather eventually won the bout after knocking him out in the 10th round, just as fans and critics predicted. The fight earned McGregor around $85 million, making it the single highest payoff in sports history.

McGregor made his route to superstardom in the same manner, but many people are unaware that his two sisters are also well-known in their native Ireland.

Erin McGregor is a model and actress.

McGregor has two older sisters with whom he has an extremely close relationship. Erin McGregor is the oldest of the McGregor siblings, and she shares the same passion for athletics as the UFC fighter.

She has competed in many professional bodybuilding competitions and has won multiple accolades. Her brother, a professional bodybuilder, is her inspiration for all of her accomplishments and objectives.

But sports aren’t the only thing she does. She is also a fitness model, dancer, and stylish, which adds to her already outstanding resume. Few people realize that the oldest McGregor made it to the Dancing with the Stars Ireland semi-finals.

Although fans may not be familiar with everything Erin does, many would definitely recognize some of her (hair) work, as she is the hairstylist behind McGregor’s famed man bun. She is now a stay-at-home mother to her two children, which she shares with her husband, Terry Kavanagh.

Aoife McGregor is a Scottish actress.

Aoife McGregor, McGregor’s younger sister, is different from her two brothers in that she does not enjoy sports. She is a huge fan of her brother’s MMA profession and has been seen cheering him on at numerous UFC events.

She worked as a sales representative before realizing her dream of becoming a make-up artist. She took a make-up course and went on to work for Mac, one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies. She began posting images of her work on Instagram while at Mac and quickly gained a following.

Despite being the sister of the world’s most famous combat sports athlete, Aoife prefers to keep out of the spotlight.