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Coming Full Circle: “Love It or List It” – Where Are They Now?

Coming Full Circle: “Love It or List It” – Where Are They Now?

celebs from Love It or List It Since 2008, Hilary Farr and David Visentin have been remodeling and selling houses on their HGTV program. They have given hundreds of homes in Ontario and North Carolina a new look over the course of their more than ten years of travel together.

Love It or List It was filmed in Ontario for the first six years, while North Carolina was used for the remaining seasons. After spending more than eight years filming in the United States, Visentin and Farr are now returning to Canada to shoot the upcoming season in the Greater Toronto Area.

The casting call for the new season was announced on the show’s Twitter page in January 2021, inviting everyone who was interested to attend. The show provided a list of five requirements that one must meet in order to participate. Despite the fact that production started in May 2021, the casting call for the show was posted a month later.

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Visentin and Farr

Over the years, Love It or List It has grown to be one of HGTV’s most popular programs. The chemistry between Farr and Visentin also adds to the enjoyment. Their witty exchanges are usually entertaining, and even their conflicting roles—Farr trying to persuade their customers to keep their homes while Visentin is pressuring them to list them—increase the show’s watchability.

Given the strong chemistry between Farr and Visentin, it’s no surprise that many fans believe the two knew one another long before the show’s filming even started. However, this is untrue. Only at their HGTV show audition did the two get to know one another. The real estate agent described how the producers believed he and Farr would make a great team when Farr was cast just before Visentin.

The co-stars have become close friends and share a strong bond over the years. Visentin observed that Farr and he were a lot of fun to be around, which is why he believed others loved watching them. Farr continued by saying that the two adored one another and frequently made each other laugh.

Now, where are they?

Farr and Visentin live a totally different life than what is depicted on the show when they are not busy filming Love It or List It. In addition to her work on the HGTV program, Farr has also landed a few acting roles, such as that of the villain in Ross Petty Productions’ production of Sleeping Beauty in a theater.

Farr had lived in several various countries before starting her work as a home designer, including Australia, California, England, and New York. Together with her ex-husband Gordon Farr, she has a son. She has numerous grandchildren as well.

Regarding Visentin, he resides in Barrie, Ontario, along with his wife Krista and kid Logan. He has been in the business since 1987, and according to his HGTV bio, he is a top agent in the competitive real estate market in Southern Ontario.