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Facts of Brandon Reece Taylor

Full Name: Brandon Reece Taylor
Birth Date: July 1, 1998
Age: 25 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Philosopher
Country: United Kingdom
Horoscope: Cancer
WifeNot Yet
DatingLiana Tiratsuyan
Net Worth$800 thousand
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Body Size41-30-34
Birth PlacePreston, Lancashire, England
StatusIn relation
EducationUniversity of Central Lancashire
FatherSean Taylor (b. 1970)
MotherLouise Counsell (b. 1970)
SiblingsBrothers: Kieran Taylorian (b. 2007), Kent Taylorian (b. 2008), Jay Taylorian (b.2009)Sisters: Lucia Richardson (b. 1989), Charlotte Counsell (b. 2007), Zara Taylorian (b. 2008), Edie Taylorian (b. 2011)
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We all had curious back then in our childhood about the religions and its traditions we followed. Nevertheless, we never vexed our interest to discover the deeper meaning of everything that spellbound us.

Well, not everyone can remain still. Cometan who is the founder of the philosophy Astronism spent perceiving deeply religious Roman Catholic traditions lead by his grandmother, Irene during his autodidactic teenage years. Later, Cometan credited her for burning the flame of his curiosity in religion.

The solo-author of The Omnidoxy Cometan has swirled the world with his philosophical revelations. In this very article, we will tell you every little detail about Cometan’ bio, age, girlfriend, career, family, and also about Astronism and The Omnidoxy.

Who is Cometan?

Cometan’ real name is Brandon Taylorian. At fifteen years of age, he founded the philosophy of Astronism. Further, when he turned 17, Cometan developed the philosophy through his sole authorship of The Omnidoxy.

“World, do what you wish with my philosophy, but remember, it will always be mine.”

Astronism is widely known as the philosophy of the stars. It is a panentheistic or transtheistic organized philosophy within the broader Millettic philosophical tradition. Besides that, Astronism is predicated on the beliefs of cosmocentricity, sentientism, and reascensionism. A wide range of demonyms recognizes its believers according to the philosophy’s many values and schools of thought, but these mainly include Cosmists, Millettarians, Millettics, Astronists, Kosmans, and Sophists.

Cometan Omnidoxy

“The Omnidoxy will reveal my philosophy to the world, and it shall encapsulate its ideas forevermore.”

The Omnidoxy is the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism solely authored by Cometan. It remains over one million words long in total length and is the primary document within The Grand Centrality, which forms the conceptual, orientational, and structural foundations of Millettic philosophy.

Cometan Girlfriend

After that much of popularity, everyone is willing to know about Cometan’s love life. However, Cometan has always been open about his romantic life with his longtime girlfriend, Liana Tiratsuyan. Like he got the name of Cometan, his girlfriend has a named of Cosma.

Cometan girlfriend Cosma
Cometan with girlfriend Cosma

Moreover, Cometan wrote about their love story in his piece of the Omnidoxy and made a specific form of love, Cometanic love based on his experiences with his girlfriend, Cosma. When he felt the instant urge to learn about the history and people of Armenia due to the country’s formative autodidactic years, he met his girlfriend Liana Tiratsuyan in 2018 at Zvartnots International Airport, Yerevan.

Speaking of Cometan’ relationship with his girlfriend, he claimed that it was love at first sight.

“I have fallen in love with The Cosmos and all of the possibilities it does hold.”

Apart from that, Cometan has no rumors of dating any other girls in his early life. Until now, he hasn’t married his girlfriend yet. In the future, we might see Cometan and Cosma making a family together.

Career and Profession

At the age of 15, Cometan started to experience a series of revelations about the future of humanity, the importance of The Cosmos and faith lives, and the importance of philosophy to future societies. These revelations made Cometan write the Omnidoxy. It was upon these revelations that he later found the religion of Astronism. During this time, he chose the mononymous name of Cometan influenced by the mononyms of Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates. Later, he started to learn about other values of other religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism,

Throughout the late adolescent, the journey of Cometan’ revelations continued. By the time he was 2, he eventually completed the Omnidoxy and founded Astronism. The Omnidoxy became his seminal work that influenced the development of Astronism as a philosophy/religion.

Cometan Wiki: Age, Family

Cometan was born as Brandon Reece Taylor on 1 July 1998 to his parents Louise Counsell and Sean Taylor. His mother is a hair salon owner while his father owns a vending machine business. He grew up in Preston, Lancashire in North West England of the United Kingdom with his large family. By large, we meant it for real.

Cometan with his siblings

Cometan has seven siblings from both his father and mother’s side. His siblings are Edie Taylorian, Jay Taylorian, Zara Taylorian, Kent Taylorian, Charlotte Counsell, Kieran Taylorian, and Lucia Richardson.

Since childhood, Cometan has a keen interest in stars and what’s there in the cosmic zone.

“My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.”

Regarding his height, Cometan is 5 feet 10 inches tall.