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Comedian Jess Hilarious Has Son Ashton With Her Baby Daddy Chris. Nude Pictures Sparks Controversy

Comedian Jess Hilarious Has Son Ashton With Her Baby Daddy Chris. Nude Pictures Sparks Controversy

Ashton Amar James is the son of comedian Jess Hilarious. Jess has a son from a prior relationship with her baby daddy, whose identity remains a mystery. Jess, Ashton’s mother, is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Chris.

Ashton is the only child of Jess Hilarious, who is stunning. He has no siblings, and his father’s identity remains a mystery.

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Ashton Hilarious, Jess Hilarious’s son, has graduated from kindergarten.

Ashton, who is now a kindergarten graduate, is growing up by the day. When he graduated from kindergarten, his mother, Jess, was overjoyed. When Jess’ son Ashton graduates from college, we are confident that her joy will know no bounds.

On his way to his Kindergarten Graduation, Ashton looked stunning. Jess’ Instagram is the source of this photo.

Ashton, the handsome kid of Jess Hilarious, also has a wonderful relationship with his mother’s lover, Chris. Chris also uses his social media account to post images of Ashton. It appears that the two have a lovely friendship.

Few people are aware that Jess Hilarious’ son Ashton is already a social media sensation. As of November 2018, the tiny Ashton’s Instagram account had over 43.9k followers. It may take some time for Ashton to acquire the same level of popularity as his mother, but who knows, he might one day surpass her. He generally posts images of himself having a good time. He also shared a photo of his father or Jess Hilarious’ baby daddy, although as previously stated, the name remains unknown.

And Ashton resembles his father in appearance.

Nude Photos Have Aroused Controversy

When comic Jess Hilarious and her son Ashton shared a naked photo from a photo shoot with her son, it provoked outrage. Many individuals disagreed with her, and as we all know, many of them stood firm in their opinions about the photo. Despite this, many people supported her and tweeted kind things about her.

The Meaning of the Name Ashton Amar James

The name Ashton comes from a geographical name that translates to “ash tree town.” The name Amar is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘amar,’ which means immortal.

Jess Hilarious is a huge fan of her son Ashton. Jess’ Instagram is the source of this photo.

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