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Cole LaBrant married his wife at the age of 21. Greetings, New Son!

Cole LaBrant married his wife at the age of 21. Greetings, New Son!

Cole LaBrant is an American Youtuber who rose to attention as one of the three members of the Dem White Boyz vine cooperation channel. In 2015, he and his mother competed in the reality game show The Amazing Race 28.

The Viner launched his solo YouTube channel in 2010, which morphed into a collaboration with his wife Cole&Sav in 2012, and then to The LeBrant Fam as their family grew from three to five members.

Their Youtube channel now has over 12.8 million subscribers, making it a huge success.

But there’s one more thing he’s been blessed with at the tender age of 24, and that’s the opportunity to become a father to three gorgeous children.

When it comes to his relationship with Savannah Soutas, the YouTuber appears to have everything going for him.

Cole and Savannah did not meet on social media, contrary to popular belief.

The two met in 2016 and have a fascinating narrative to tell. They made a YouTube video about how they met, and it wasn’t on social media.

The couple met for the first time on, when the American YouTuber was just getting started. Savannah had millions of followers, so he sent Savannah a direct message recommending they share each other’s pages.

Cole, who was new to, didn’t know how to recheck the messages, therefore Savannah’s reply went unnoticed. Cole later ran across Savannah and her daughter in a mall while recording movies with his friend John and brother Luke in California.

At first, they were cautious to interact with one another, but after opening up, they developed a particular bond.

Cole eventually began seeing his now-wife in 2016, and the couple married on July 9, 2017.

When Cole LaBrant married his wife, how old was he?

Savannah Soutas was born on March 2, 1993, and Cole was born on August 21, 1996. Cole was 21 years old when he married Savannah, and Savannah was 24 years old when they married. The YouTube celebrity pair has been married for three years.

While their love story is fascinating, the most endearing part of Cole’s proposal was when he brought out a little ring and asked Savannah’s previous relationship’s daughter, Everleigh, for permission to be her father.

Everleigh accepted the ring and couldn’t be happier after being so inspired by Cole’s fatherly figure. The father-daughter relationship is wonderful, as seen by his social media.

Cole and Savannah Soutas have a new addition to their family!

Cole and Savannah welcomed their first child, Posie Rayne LaBrant, into the world on December 30th, 2018. Savannah has a daughter from a previous relationship, Everleigh.

The couple had made a special announcement video on Youtube before Posie was born. The pair were visibly moved as they revealed their future addition to their family in a video released on December 20, 2018.

Everleigh’s response to learning she was going to be a big sister was captured on camera.

Cole and Savannah welcomed their second child on July 29, 2020. They gave Everleigh and Posie a baby brother called Zealand LeBrant this time.

The couple has already set up an account on Instagram. As expected, images of infant LeBrant from his early birth to four months prior to that are already piling up on the account.

Cole LeBrant’s net worth is unknown.

Cole has received a tremendous amount of support from his fans and family throughout his career, resulting in him earning a sizable sum from his internet projects.

According to Naibuzz, the internet celebrity and his family have a combined net worth of $12 million.

Their Youtube views, which have surpassed 4 billion, account for the majority of their earnings. According to Naibuzz, Cole’s YouTube channel has an average of 3 million views each day, generating roughly $15,000 per day in revenue.

Cole’s wife and their 8-year-old daughter Everleigh add to the family’s fortune.

Savannah’s Tik Tok channel made her famous. There, she has almost 23 million followers. Surprisingly, his daughter Everliegh is also bringing in some cash for the family!

The kid celebrity has a net worth of $2.2 million, according to the Daily Mail! She allegedly earns that money by modeling children’s clothing on her own Instagram account.

To top it off, she has her own YouTube channel with 3.5 million subscribers. Eveleigh is frequently seen on the channel alongside her mother, delivering evaluations on various household products and children’s toys.