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Cole Due to privacy concerns, the Cornstar’s last name is kept a secret.

Cole Due to privacy concerns, the Cornstar’s last name is kept a secret.

Cole The Cornstar is a YouTube sensation that focuses on farming. Cole The Cornstar has never been referred to as anything other than Cole The Cornstar in any of his videos. This is due to his desire to maintain his solitude. To date, none of his viewers are aware of his last name or genuine name.

Not only that, but Cole also asked his institution not to publicize his last name in order to safeguard his family’s privacy.

Even his father and brother, the Cooper, who works on the farm with him, haven’t used their surnames on social media. The importance of privacy to the entire family is obvious.

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Cole is from a fourth-generation farming family.

Cole grew up in a small hamlet in central Iowa, where his father and grandfather owned the family farm together. He used to sit on his father’s lap while he drove tractors across their cornfields when he was five years old.

Cole began operating the tractors on his own soon after, knowing that he would eventually have to take over the farm’s operations.

When he proceeded to the University of Northern Iowa to get his bachelor’s degree in finance, he was inspired to establish his own YouTube channel, Cole The Cornstar, which took off quickly.

It takes a lot of effort to achieve success.

Having said that, Cole has worked really hard to get his current level of popularity. He admitted in an interview that when he first started his channel, he would work 16 hours a day on his farm and then come home and work on his YouTube videos for approximately 4 to 5 hours every night.

Cole wanted to share his love of farming and agriculture with others at the time so that everyone could appreciate the effort involved. He also intended to dispel common myths about farming and, to the best of his ability, bridge the gap between consumers and farmers.

People may see the raw and authentic side of life on a farm in his movies, which include harvesting crops and repairing machinery, among other things.

He has demonstrated an incredible level of dedication, and he is now experiencing the financial fruits of his efforts. Currently, he is often sponsored for films, which has allowed him to make adjustments to his farm that would not have been possible otherwise.

A Family Matter

Despite the fact that the channel is predominantly Cole’s, every member of his family has been in one of his videos at some point, and it is this genuine interaction that draws the audience in.

There contains a film of his father working on the farm, fielding questions from viewers, and cracking jokes, depicting his true family and agricultural life.

Cole’s success in creating his own YouTube channel has given this agricultural family a sense of purpose. Cole’s family was devastated when his grandfather passed away in 2018.

The process of filming YouTube videos, on the other hand, raised the family’s morale and gave his father the courage to continue his grandfather’s legacy.

The channel currently has over 488,000 subscribers and continues to grow by thousands every day. This demonstrates that Cole’s dedication and hard work are finally paying off. Who thought a small-town farmer could one day reach out to thousands of people and inspire them?