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Coi Leray tells Pressa’s admirers to stay away from her boyfriend.

Coi Leray tells Pressa’s admirers to stay away from her boyfriend.

Coi Leray and her partner Pressa are widely regarded as one of hip hop’s hottest couples.

However, Leray was said to have split up with her lover a few weeks ago after a series of odd tweets from her.

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“Single,” the rapper said in a now-deleted tweet, appearing to announce their breakup.

As a result, her followers thought that she was discussing her relationship status, and she earned a lot of raised eyebrows as a result.

“If your [expletive] lets you go to sleep mad every night, you need a new [expletive,” she said in a follow-up tweet a few minutes later.

Leray, on the other hand, published a photo of Pressa carrying her on his shoulder with her 5.4 million Instagram followers a few days after she made the now-deleted tweets.

She requested that her fans listen to her boyfriend’s music, implying that the couple was still together.

Coi Leray used Twitter to show her support for her boyfriend.

Leray is clearly enamored with her boyfriend’s attractiveness. She never misses an opportunity to laud his beauty, and she has repeatedly stated that he is magnificent.

Because of his biracial characteristics, rapper Pressa, who was born to a Filipino mother and a Jamaican father, has a distinguishing look.

With her latest tweets, Leray demonstrated that she is protective of Pressa.

“Yes, he’s a lovely lad with manners,” she wrote, “but don’t get it twisted!”

She followed up her first message with another one on Twitter, telling his followers to stay away from him because the two of them are in love.

“His lovely brown skin and long Asian hair may tickle y’all feathers,” she wrote, “but try it [expletive].”

The two rappers are said to have started dating while working on the film ‘Attachments’ in May 2021.

Coi Leray was previously linked to Trippie Redd, a fellow rapper.

Leray was romantically connected with fellow rapper Trippie Redd in 2019 before she started dating Pressa.

A few months after his public separation from fellow rapper Ayleks, Redd revealed his romance with Leray.

Leray was introduced to Redd by his manager Milo, and despite the fact that she wasn’t initially interested in the rapper, the two met on tour and instantly clicked.

The couple was open about their romance, as they were frequently seen in public engaging in PDA and sharing adorable photos with their social media followers.

Unfortunately, after only a few months of dating in 2020, Coi Leray and Trippie Redd called it quits.

In an August 2020 interview with No Jumper, Leray admitted that she has no regrets about dating her ex-boyfriend Redd.

“At the end of the day,” she explained, “that’s who I [expletive] dated, and it was public.”

Before wrapping up the conversation, she wished her ex-boyfriend the best, referring to him as “a star” and “a huge person out here.”