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Cody Jinks’ toughest critic helps him write songs. Cody Jinks’ toughest critic helps him write songs.

Cody Jinks’ toughest critic helps him write songs. Cody Jinks’ toughest critic helps him write songs.

Cody Jinks is a devoted husband and former metal band frontman-turned-country musician. The singer has won over fans and critics, but there’s always been one tough critic. Rebecca is his wife.

She inspired his love songs. She’s also created songs with him.

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Jinks’ wife criticizes his love songs.

Jinks’ 2016 album ‘I’m Not The Devil’ topped Billboard’s Country Albums Chart.

In 2017, he told Rolling Stone that his wife was a tougher critic. The musician struggled to write a love song she liked until he wrote ‘She’s All Mine

Later, the singer clarified on Facebook that he was joking.

Cody Jinks’ Facebook post explaining his sarcasm to Rolling Stone.

Facebook/Cody Jinks

Musician Marriage’s Dark Side

Rebecca is Jinks’ longtime wife. They married in 2013 and have a son and a daughter.

Their marriage hasn’t always been perfect.

In 2019, the artist released two albums under his label. The first, ‘After The Fire,’ includes a piece written from his wife’s perspective. The song examines the dark, unglamorous, and unpleasant side of country music marriage.

Rebecca told Whiskey Riff that you can’t grasp something unless you’ve lived it.

Co-writer Josh Morningstar remarked, “Cody expertly articulates what the fans don’t see: the challenges a partnership goes through when one person is gone a lot.”

Rebecca, a harsh critic, is his muse.

Rebecca has been Cody’s rock. She inspired several songs on his album ‘After The Fire’

His song ‘Yesterday Again’ is about making up for lost time with his wife.

‘Dreamed with One’ is a romantic love ballad showcasing his profound affection for his wife, while ‘Someone to You’ reflects his longing to be someone to his wife rather than the world. His songs show his love for his wife.

Rebecca Has Co-Written with Him

Jinks found love in Rebecca. Why? She’s a critic, muse, and co-writer of his tunes.

‘William and Wanda’ is their first full song. This song is about his grandfather and grandma reconciling in heaven.

Another song they wrote, ‘Never Alone Always Lonely,’ gave Jinks’ life perspective. His wife helped him write the song since she observed his family and musician sides.