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Claudia Tiedemann in ‘Dark’ was played by three different actresses.

Claudia Tiedemann in ‘Dark’ was played by three different actresses.

A movie or a series is only as good as its plot, or the good tale gives the movie or series’ body a flawless shape. Another requirement for a strong tale is well-developed characters and skilled performers to play them.

We saw it all in Netflix’s Dark series—a terrific tale, well-developed significant characters, and excellent actors to go along with it. Claudia Tiedemann stood out for me, as well as many other series watchers, amid the numerous pleasant characters.

Furthermore, the casting staff gave the character credit by choosing three outstanding ladies to play Dark, the story’s end-hero.

Learn about the plot of the Dark series’ character Claudia Tiedemann, as well as the three actors who played her, in the sections below.

Claudia Tiedemann’s plot in ‘Dark’

Claudia Tiedemann, the principal antagonist of Adam’s secret society Sic Mundus in the struggle for control of time travel, was a time traveler in the series Dark.

She was known as a bright and brilliant child since childhood, and as a result, she became the first female director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant in 1986.

She discovered the existence of God Particle and time travel in her village as the story continued. And it was then that she realized the community had been suffering as a result of the existence of time travel and the intertwined events it had caused.

She spent her life researching the reality and origins of time travel, and she routinely time-traveled from one timeline to the next. She even assassinated Claudia in the parallel universe so that she could easily move between Adam’s and Eva’s worlds and learn the secrets about both realms.

Claudia was a stubborn character, as she was the one who discovered the genesis of time travel and the solution to stop the never-ending and self-repeating cycle of agony and sorrow.

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Claudia Tiedemann was played by three different actresses.

Claudia Tiedemann was played by three German actresses in three separate timelines (past, present, and future) and at three different ages (child, adult, and elder).

Gwendolyn Göbel, a child actor, played the youngest/child form; Julika Jenkins, an actress, played the adult version; and Lisa Kreuzer, an actress, represented the senior version.

Göbel, Gwendolyn

Her Part in the ‘Dark’ Series

Gwendolyn Göbel portrayed the 1953 child version of the heroic character Claudia Tiedemann in the series Dark. Claudia Tiedemann was the daughter of police officer Egon Tiedemann and his wife Doris Tiedemann.

During her time on TV, she was portrayed as a student who was so excellent at arithmetic that she even taught it to young Helge Doppler. She also maintained a close friendship with Tronte Nielsen, a young actress.

Göbel’s Career

Göbel, a German film actress, was born in November 2006 and has been working as a child actor since 2010. As a result, she has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Young Goethe in Love, Winnetou’s Son, Cleo, Goodbye Berlin, Dark, and False Freedom.

Given her talent and the rapidity with which she has progressed in the film industry, the now-teenage actress has a promising future ahead of her.

Jenkins, Julika

Her Part in the ‘Dark’ Series

Julika Jenkins portrayed Claudia Tiedemann, an adult/middle-aged woman from the 1986–87 timeframe, in the series Dark.

Claudia, who is in her forties and the mother of Regina Tiedemann, is the newly appointed manager of Winden’s nuclear power plant. As the story unfolds for her, she discovers the power plant’s shocking secret: nuclear chemicals and radiations were accidentally distributed inside the Winden cave by the power plant, creating a time-travel wormhole in the tunnels.

Jenkins, as the middle-aged Claudia, searches out the source of the never-ending sorrow by traveling across time and the two alternate universes of Adam and Eva. She also does all of the time-traveling in order to see her daughter Regina alive before she dies after being diagnosed with cancer.

Jenkins’ Professional Life

Julika Jenkins is a gifted actress who has made significant contributions to the German film and television industries with her outstanding performances in a variety of films and television shows.

Since her stage debut in 1993, the Heidelberg, West Germany native has appeared in over 40 acting productions, including parts in theater, television, and film.

Helen von Holzen in the film Vitus, Gesine Friedrich in the film LOMO: The Language of Many Others, Beate Jürgens in the TV movie Ein Kind wird gesucht, Claudia Tiedemann in the TV series Dark, and Ruth Iosava in the TV series Berlin Station are just a few of her well-known roles.

Lisa Kreuzer is a writer who lives in New York City

Her Part in the ‘Dark’ Series

Lisa Kreuzer portrayed Claudia Tiedemann, an old woman from the 2019-20 timeframe, in Dark. Claudia, who was in her eighties, was also known as the White Devil.

We first encountered her in the series when she visited a young Jonas to prevent him from killing his father (Michael Kahnwald). She then flies back in time to 1953 to deliver the blueprint for building a time machine to the middle-aged H.G. Tanenhaus.

Finally, at the conclusion of the series, Claudia resurfaced as a heroic figure, confronting Adam about the reality of the beginning. She disclosed that there was a third universe or the origin world and that this origin world created Adam and Eva’s world by accident.

She also demonstrated to Adam how to alleviate the pain of the two inadvertently formed worlds by preventing the accident from occurring in the genesis world by transferring Jonas and Martha there.

Kreuzer’s Career

Lisa Kreuzer, a German actress with over four decades of experience and over 150 acting credits, is regarded as one of the industry’s veterans.

Among them, she is most known for her role as Marianne Zimmermann in the 1977 film The American Friend. In 1978, she was nominated for a ‘Bambi Award’ in the ‘Best Actress – National’ category for her performance.

The Bozen Crime, SOKO 5113, Twice New Life, Dark, and The Old Fox are just a few of the recent important films and TV episodes in which she has appeared.