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Christine McConnell’s Husband Her Facts

Christine McConnell’s Husband Her Facts

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell is Christine McConnell’s Netflix baking show.

McConnell is a photographer, stylist, Instagram influencer, and cookbook author. The show premiered on Oct. 12, 2018.

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Here are celebrity baker’s facts.

Netflix’s Christine McConnell show

Her Instagram is packed with photographs of appetizing weird animals and spooky Victorian houses. Insect bacchanal, Alien face-hugger pastry, shrine-like Freddie Mercury birthday cake.

Netflix added grim humor into the baking sequences, making the show suitable for Halloween. McConnell thought she wouldn’t get a Netflix show, but she did.

Netflix canceled the baking show after one season.

Christine’s YouTube Show

After Netflix, she created a monthly YouTube series called ‘From the Mind of Christine McConnell’ Patreon fans fund her dark goals.

Her next show centered on creating again, but she chronicled the creative process. Her series featured more “how-to” features than the Netflix series.

She’s taken viewers through an intricate goth-tinged project, converted a $100 pull-out sofa into an expensive Victorian masterpiece, and shared DIY techniques that might save viewers money.

Christopher McConnell

McConnell may not have been able to do everything alone. She authored, starred, and edited the program for her Patreon backers.

Gantt McConnell was her show’s musician and videographer. Her husband filmed, edited, and wrote the soundtrack. McConnell kept her marriage private despite her online fame.

Since her husband contributed to her new show, she believed it wasn’t fair to hide him.

Christine McConnell’s Kids Policy

McConnell said she doesn’t want kids of any gender in Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast.

She feared her kids wouldn’t share her fascination with scary things.

She felt it was unsafe to have kids because she didn’t know how her child would end out and feared the worst.