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Christiana Wyly, Kimbal Musk’s Wife And Skin’s Ex-Wife Is The Daughter Of A Billionaire

Christiana Wyly, Kimbal Musk’s Wife And Skin’s Ex-Wife Is The Daughter Of A Billionaire

Kimbal Musk is the owner of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, which has locations in major cities across the country, including Memphis. Elon Musk’s brother owns restaurants as well as co-founding Big Green and Square Roots, as well as serving on the boards of Tesla and SpaceX.

Along with a successful career, Kimbal has been happily married to Christiana Wyly since 2018. Yes, Wyly, you heard me correctly. She hails from a business family with a long and illustrious history. She is not only from a well-known family, but she has also established a name for herself through hard work.

As a result, keep reading to learn more about Kimbal Musk’s wife, Christiana Wyly, and her current whereabouts. You will not be disappointed if you stick with it until the end.

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Former billionaire Sam Wyly’s daughter

As previously stated, Kimbal Musk’s wife, Christiana Wyly, hails from a prestigious family. She is the daughter of Sam Wyly, a former billionaire.

Christiana Musk’s father, Sam, also hoped to grow the arts and crafts industry, which would have increased his net worth to $750 million. He is, however, better recognized for being a skilled tax evader. One of the massive tax invasions also targeted him and his late brother, Charles Wyly.

Sam was convicted as a result, and he was hit with a $1.3 billion bill for past taxes, interest, and penalties. Christiana’s father is currently free of charges after paying the SEC and other agencies.

Furthermore, Christiana’s father had six children after two marriages. As a result, she had a large number of friends with whom she could grow up.

Kimbal’s partner became an environmentalist after discovering a passion for saving the environment as a child. She also has impressive college credentials, including degrees in food science and sustainability studies.

Unreasonable Groups’ Chairwoman

Kimbal Musk’s beau, as previously stated, is an environmentalist. She partnered with Zaadz Inc, an online network for people who wanted to change the world, after being inspired by her father’s research.

Christiana founded Flourish*ink in 2018 with a master’s degree in food policy from the University of London. She also founded Unreasonable Group, where she currently serves as chairwoman and member of the board of directors.

Similarly, since 2008, Sam Wyly’s daughter has worked as a curator at Near Future Summit and as an operating partner at Satori Capital. If we’re talking about Kimbal Musk’s wife’s career, she has a long list of accomplishments at various levels.

Christiana worked at Global Green USA as a transition chair and board member, as well as at Food Choice Taskforce as an executive director. She also worked as a consultant for Avatar Alliance Foundation in January 2014 and was a thirteen-year partner with Green Mountain Energy Company beginning in 1997.

Christiana Musk’s net worth must have risen dramatically as a result of her hard work and dedication. Similarly, she must have inherited her father’s fortune, and she and her husband, Kimbal Musk, are thought to be worth $500 million.

Christiana Musk earned her master’s degree in food studies from the University of the Pacific. She also has a Goddard College bachelor’s degree in sustainability studies.

Apart from her extensive work experience, Christiana has been married to Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, since 2018.

Married To Kimbal Musk in 2018

When two hearts and minds talk the same language, it is inevitable for the duo to work together, either as partners or business partners. Or, like in Kimbal and Christiana’s case, both.

The Musk couple are very much active campaigners of sustainability and scrutinize American food culture. Although it is unknown how the couple started their relationship, their wedding was surely a high-end celebration in Spain.

Kimbal and Christiana walked down the aisle at Greco-Roman ruins in Sant Martí d’Empúries on April 7, 2018. Kimbal styled his iconic cowboy hat on the wedding day paired with a two-piece cream suit.

Similarly, Musk’s partner channeled the boho vibe opting for a flower crown and sandals and cream bridal gown embroidered bodice and tulle skirt.

Kimbal Musk and Christiana Wyly exchanged vows in 2018 amidst 300 guests. Image Source: Christiana’s Instagram.

The pair shared their vows amidst 300 guests, including Salma Hayek and her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. President Barack Obama and actor Will Smith were also speculated to have appeared at the high-profile ceremony.

Later, Christiana uploaded a photo of the pair officially announcing their wedding date. She went on to disclose that they eloped for a spiritual wedding in the desert last August. Furthermore, Wyly also admitted that she felt it was essential to hold a ceremony where her father could give her away.

Interestingly, the grand wedding wasn’t the first time Sam gave away his daughter, Christiana, to her partner. Neither was it the first time that Kimbel held a woman’s hand, promising eternity.

Previously Married To Skin

It turns out, Kimbal Musk’s wife is openly bisexual and was married to a musician, Deborah Dyer, professionally known as Skunk Anansie’s lead singer Skin.

The pair got married in a civil partnership ceremony near Veron in 2013. There isn’t much information about the former partners’ relationship, but things did not work out between and the now ex-duo split in 2015.

While the environmentalist exchanged vows in 2018, her former partner announced her engagement to Wayne Baron on Twitter in September 2020. On the other hand, Christiana Wyly’s husband, Kimbal Musk, was previously married to Jen Lewin. The former couple welcomed three kids: Adam, Clayton, and Jen during their marriage. If we forgot to mention, Christiana is an awesome stepmom and mom to all three of Kimbal Musk’s children.

As of now, Kimbal Musk’s spouse, Christiana, is living a lavish life following her dreams and making it all come true with her husband. We ought to see the Musk pair working together in the coming days more robust than ever.

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