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Chris Brown’s Controversial Neck Tattoo’s True Meaning Is Revealed

Chris Brown’s Controversial Neck Tattoo’s True Meaning Is Revealed

Chris Brown, an R&B musician, was charged with domestic violence in 2009 for physically abusing his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna.

Brown’s assault left Rihanna with damage to her head, ears, and fingers, according to The Guardian. According to police reports, the singer repeatedly hit Rihanna in the face and shoved her head against a car window.

Brown bit Rihanna’s left ear and fingers while holding her down in a headlock, causing her to pass out.

During his 2017 documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, Brown addressed his behavior and presented his side of the tale.

Brown acknowledged being unfaithful to Rihanna with a former colleague in the documentary, something he had previously denied for a long time. However, the singer said that after an altercation with the woman, Rihanna began “kicking” and “beating him” before he “truly” assaulted her.

Brown was then photographed with a neck tattoo showing a female face covered in bruises later in 2012.

The tattoo sparked a flurry of speculation on the internet, with some speculating that the lady in Brown’s recent tattoo is his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown’s Perplexing Neck Tattoo Is Expounded

Brown’s 2012 neck tattoo, which triggered widespread internet conjecture, resembled Rihanna’s facial characteristics.

Brown’s publicist spoke exclusively to Entertainment Weekly and revealed the concept behind tattoo art.

The design was a “MAC cosmetic design of a skull,” according to the publicist, and it was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

Peter Koskela, Brown’s tattoo artist, came forward and described the tattoo’s concept.

Brown instructed him to turn a similar-looking design into a neck tattoo, according to an EW article.

Brown attended the Grammy Awards in 2020, which were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. His daughter Loyalty, who was roughly six years old, accompanied him.

Brown debuted his new sneaker neck tattoo on his right cheek during the occasion. His previously controversial female-faced tattoo, though, was visible through his shirt collar, indicating that the singer still has it.

Brown has a new tattoo on his hand.

Brown’s new colorful body artwork was made public on social media by tattooist Ivana Belakova before he unveiled his shoe tat.

Belanova shared a photo of herself with the famous R&B artist on January 23, 2020, in which the newly constructed color-filled artwork was plainly seen.

The new art, which lies below the singer’s left arm’s knuckles and resembles a baby’s face packed with blue, red, yellow, and green colors, is shaped like a baby’s face.

In her remark, the Los Angeles-based artist referred to Brown as a “legend” and expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with him.