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Chip Hailstone’s Age: How Old Is He? — Starred in Season 1 of ‘Life Before Zero’

Chip Hailstone’s Age: How Old Is He? — Starred in Season 1 of ‘Life Before Zero’

Chip Hailstone is a regular cast member of Life Before Zero, a National Geographic show. He has been a part of the show since its first season, which premiered on May 19, 2013, and has spent time with his family in the frigid wilderness of Alaska.

Here are some fascinating facts about the TV personality.

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Hailstone At a young age, I moved to Alaska.

Edward V Hailstone was born on March 5, 1969, in Kalispell, Montana, and has always been interested in adventure. His parents, Daniel Franklin and Mary Lois encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

From his father, the now 52-year-old learned survival skills such as fishing, hunting, and crafts. At the age of 19, the reality star was enticed to visit Alaska by the adrenaline thrill.

He made his home at Noovrik, near the Kobuk River.

He and Agnes made their home in Alaska.

Hailstone met Agnes, an Inupiat native Alaskan, at Noovrik.

Agnes had two boys from a previous relationship, John and Douglas. Her motherhood, on the other hand, had no effect on Hailstone’s feelings for her. The couple began dating soon after and married after a while.

Their family grew by five children, all of whom were females. Iraq and Tinmiaq, their two oldest daughters, travel to and from Alaska with Agnes’ sons. Their three daughters, Mary, Caroline, and Quran, remain at home with them.

‘Life Before Zero’ Stars The Family

The star cast of Life Before Zero includes Hailstone and his wife Agnes.

The Discovery Channel’s documentary follows the lives of Alaskans as they go about their daily lives amidst the deep Alaskan forests and lethal snow. It tells the story of their nomadic lifestyle and the dangers that lurk in the forest full of dangerous animals.

The show includes the Aikens and Bassich families, among others.

From the beginning in 2013, it featured the Hailstone family. The two continue to feature as recurrent characters in the series. Only Agnes appeared in the tenth season, as her spouse was incarcerated at the time of filming.

Hailstone Will Serve Jail Time After Missing Season 10

Hailstone was sentenced to prison in 2017 for an event that occurred in 2011.

His family was once embroiled in a fight with fellow Norrvic residents. Jonathan, his younger step-son, and Tinmiaq, his eldest daughter, got into a fight with them.

The people involved in the altercation, including Chip’s stepson, were apprehended by the troopers. The enraged couple and their daughter Tinmiaq proceeded to the Trooper’s station in vengeance, saying their son was innocent.

During the conversation, one of the troops captured Tinmiaq, who appeared to be assaulting. Hailstone accused one of the policemen, Christopher Bitz, of beating his daughter despite the fact that they left her after an interview.

In addition, he requested a restraining order against Bitz.

However, the situation did not turn out as Chip had hoped, as the officer assigned to examine the allegations ruled in favor of Bitz. Chip was then charged with two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements under oath.

As a result, Hailstone spent 15 months in prison in 2017, missing the filming of Life Before Zero’s tenth season. Agnes took care of the family while he was away, even going hunting with her daughters to provide food for the family.