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“Child of Rage”: Beth Thomas’ incredible turnaround into a certified nurse is explored

“Child of Rage”: Beth Thomas’ incredible turnaround into a certified nurse is explored

When she was just six years old, Beth Thomas, popularly known as the “Child of Rage” and “Child Psychopath,” received a serious RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) diagnosis.

Millions of people who watched Child of Rage, a 1992 HBO documentary based on her story, were appalled by what they saw.

The documentary showed Thomas’ fury, which had developed as a result of the neglect and sexual abuse she had experienced since she was a baby.

Additionally, it described how she wrongfully killed a nest of fledgling birds, injured the family dog, and mistreated her brother.

She is no longer the same person who made the butcher knife murder threat to her adoptive parents and brother. Thomas is currently a licensed nurse who aids kids going through similar problems.

The “Child of Rage” benefited from withholding therapy.

When Thomas was a young girl, she experienced sexual abuse. When her mother passed away, she and her 7-month-old brother John were left in the custody of their biological father. Her father, however, neglected John while sexually abusing her instead of providing for his kids.

Before the doctors realized what was occurring and informed the authorities, this went on for six months. The two kids were consequently given full custody by social services, and a few months later Jill and Rob Tyler adopted them.

When Thomas’ violent and irrational outbursts were brought to her adoptive parents’ attention, things started to go south quickly after the adoption.

It was also revealed that she had previously abused John physically and sexually.

Things became worse.

She even shoved John down a stairway and slammed his head against the concrete at one point. She also said she would use a butcher knife on her brother and her adoptive parents while they were sleeping.

The Tylers quickly looked for professional assistance.

Dr. Ken Magid discovered Thomas’ past and persuaded her to confess to trying to harm her family. The doctor then took her away from her family and put her in a private home managed by Connell Watkins, a therapist.

After several sessions of holding therapy, sometimes known as “hugging therapy” (now a highly contentious practice after the treatment killed several patients), Thomas was able to develop relationships and overcome her attachment issue.

Beth Thomas is assisting kids just like her.

The “child of rage” has changed significantly. Thomas is a registered nurse who holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Colorado’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

She also collaborates with Nancy Thomas, her second adoptive mother, to spread knowledge on parenting and supporting difficult kids.

an illustration of Beth Thomas. Meionorte as the source

The registered nurse, motivated by her personal experiences, traverses the nation by giving presentations and spreading awareness of attachment issues.

To share her tale of healing and hope, she even wrote a book titled “More Than A Thread Of Hope.”

In recognition of her efforts in child care, she was also able to win the 2010 Mountain West Nurse of the Year Award.

“Child of Rage” Beth Thomas is now married

Thomas has moved past having to live with the consequences of what her father did, as evidenced by the fact that she is currently a qualified nurse. In addition, the angry child who had an attachment disorder as a child is now a married adult.

The Netline reports that Thomas and her husband, whose identity has not yet been made public, are currently residing in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The publication added that Thomas wed on November 18, 2016.

However, it is impossible to say for sure if she has any children of her own due to her reclusive lifestyle and deliberate avoidance of social media.