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Chase Landry of ‘Swamp People’ Is a Father, According to His Alleged Relationship With Cheyenne Wheat

Chase Landry of ‘Swamp People’ Is a Father, According to His Alleged Relationship With Cheyenne Wheat

Troy, Jacob, and Chase Landry have made a career out of alligator hunting as their family traverses the difficult and perilous Louisiana marshes in search of alligators.

One of the best sharpshooters in the Louisiana swamps, Chase Landry, leads a very private existence. He is inactive across all social media platforms.

In 2017, Chase welcomed a daughter.

The alligator hunter has always avoided disclosing his personal life in public.

On March 18, 2017, Chase’s father, Troy Landry, made a significant announcement on Facebook that he had become a father.

Troy shared several endearing photographs of Chase’s daughter, Riley Blake Landry, in the post.

One fan commented, “Congratulations to Chase, his wife, and the entire Landry family.”

Someone else remarked, “You resemble a proud grandfather.” congrats.”

In contrast to Troy, who informed supporters about the birth of his daughter Riley, Chase has not disclosed the identity of his child’s mother.

He was allegedly involved with Cheyenne Wheat.

After the birth of Chase’s daughter, many admirers have expressed interest in learning the identity of the baby’s mother, or wife, so to speak.

However, the reality personality has remained private throughout this time. However, some online source asserts that Chase was married to Chelsea Kinsey and that they had Riley together.

According to reports, the couple divorced after the delivery of their daughter.

After that, rumors circulated that Chase was dating his co-star Cheyenne Pickle Wheat.

Additionally, Cheyenne’s Facebook contains photos of her hanging out with Chase. Moreover, on October 25, 2020, she altered her relationship status to “In a Relationship with Chase Landry.”

However, the majority of posts related to her and Chase have been removed from her account.

Chase Landry and Cheyenne Wheat posing on October 26, 2020, after a hunt. Cheyenne Wheat’s Facebook photo

However, she maintains a close relationship with Chase’s father, Troy, and frequently posts photos with him on Instagram and Facebook.

Chase’s Family Is Intimately Linked to His Profession.

The American alligator hunter Chase is extremely fortunate to be surrounded by loving people both at home and at work.

Swamp People, which airs on the History Channel, chronicles a group of people who survive by capturing alligators in the Atchafalaya River basins in Louisiana.

Chase is also one of Troy’s offspring, a seasoned alligator hunter.

Chase, along with his siblings Jacob and Brandon, follow in their father’s footsteps in the hit television show, which depicts the Cajun way of life in Louisiana.

Together with his brother Jacob and father, he is frequently observed rowing a boat into murky waters in search of the finest alligators during hunting season.

Chase has endured litigation, injuries, and mishaps, but his family has always stood by his side.

While he is frequently seen on television discussing the most important aspect of his hunting passion with his brothers, cousin, and father, he rarely discusses his marital life.