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Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder Together Again? Finally, Charly Speaks

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder Together Again? Finally, Charly Speaks

Charly Jordan has spoken recently that the rumors about her reconciliation with Tayler Holder are just simply rumors. They are not getting back together.

The ex-couple, who announced their break up on March 30, 2021, via a YouTube video titled ‘Why we broke up…’, was recently seen spending a day together holding each other’s hands.

Further, both Jordan and Holder took to their Instagram to post a series of photos where the two can be seen enjoying each other’s company.

It has led many to believe that Jordan and Holder are back together. However, things always don’t turn out to be the way they seem.

Who Are Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder?

The ex-couple are massive on TikTok, a platform where they both made a name for themselves.

However, while Jordan is currently focused on pursuing a career in music, Holder is busy with his acting ventures. However, he likes to class himself as a content creator, singer, songwriter, and actor.

Holder, who hails from Alvarado, Texas, was recently seen in a reality show titled House of Creators, a program brought to life by Holder, who put a group of singers, songwriters, and actors together in his house in Los Angeles.

The show’s synopsis claims to follow the lives of seven digital content creators living under one roof. The pilot premiered on April 06, 2021.

On the other hand, Jordan belongs to Las Vegas, Nevada, and comes from a family of eight. She has two sisters and four brothers.

However, her parents got divorced when Jordan was just three years old. She is also widely classed as an athlete, having spent twelve years playing school-level soccer.

She is a DJ and is active in the underground music scene.

The Break up between Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan

As mentioned earlier, Jordan and Holder, who ended their relationship after dating for six months, announced their break up politely and touchingly.

They both were seen on a YouTube video talking to the audience and being comfortable around each other.

The video starts with the former couple saying, “what’s up” to each other. In the video, the social media stars seem to be happy and mature regarding their decision.

Interestingly, as Holder was addressing the issue at hand, he revealed to be working on a reality TV show “right now.”

While he was talking, Holder told the watching audience that “it happens in there,” hinting that their breakup was already in place and they are only making it official through the video.

In the show’s first episode, a tearful Holder was seen sobbing over his breakup with Jordan. And it can be claimed that both made peace and decided to address the matter maturely.

On the show, one of the participants and friend to Holder, Nate Wyatt, was quoted saying,”

Are Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan back together? This gets asked a lot. Well, here’s what happened recently.

On a video posted by The Daily Stardust on YouTube on July 16, 2021, Holder and Jordan were seen walking side-by-side, holding each other’s hands.

“I am just helping her up to [the] hills ’cause she is in heels you know. I am just being a good friend helping her out.”, replied Holder to the interviewer, who was very curious to know whether the two “were back together officially.”

Toward the end of the interview, both Holder and Jordan were asked, “how long they have been dating [each other]?” A smiling Jordan quickly replied saying, “No comments.”

Shortly, on August 16, the drama took a step further as the two were once again seen together and this time, they were spotted spending an entire day with each other.

Having previously denied the rumors of dating, this made many believe that they were indeed back in a relationship.

Fast forward to September 25, 2021, in a video uploaded by The Hollywood Fix on Youtube, Jordan was asked whether she “and Tayler [Holder] are back together?” Jordan quickly responded with a confident “No” and did further revealed to be single.

Jordan replied to a question, saying that she is “not dating anyone new” and is busy with her career “just doing my thing.”