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Charles Latibeaudiere and his wife Barbara Sherwood are both mountain lovers.

Charles Latibeaudiere and his wife Barbara Sherwood are both mountain lovers.

Being the co-executive producer and co-host at TMZ, Charles Latibeaudiere is often at the forefront of Hollywood news and raunchy celebrity gossip.

In the midst of flashy Hollywood stars’ romantic tales, his own love story seems to elude the limelight. This is not, however, because of the lack of an interesting love story.

On the contrary, Latibeaudiere’s relationship with his wife is one filled with adventure, from traveling the world to skiing, enjoying delightful, peaceful dinners, to screaming their lungs at concerts.

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Latibeaudiere Claims His Marriage Was the Best Decision He Ever Made

In the summer of 2004, Latibeaudiere married film director and producer Barbara Sherwood in Rancho Palos Verdes.

The two allegedly were dating at least since 2003, as one of Charles’ throwback posts revealed.

In 2017, Latibeaudiere took to Instagram to claim that his marriage, which has now lasted for over 17 years, was the “best decision [he] ever made.”

Since the TMZ producer has now deleted his Instagram handle, his posts are nowhere to be found. But we have found his tweets which confirm the details.

Latibeaudiere and his wife have a special connection with their wedding day. Because of that, they repeatedly like to pay a visit to the spot where they tied the knot.

The married couple revisited their wedding destination in 2013 and for their 12th anniversary in 2016. They even had dinner at the same place and time as they had it 12 years ago at Rancho Palos Verdes.

The Couple Used to Work Together

The best couples are those who complement each other: both in their career and personal life. Latibeaudiere and his wife Sherwood certainly fit in this category as she is in the media business, too.

She had been the director for the TV series Extra with Billy Bush from 2002 to 2009, among many of her credits.

The two even worked together back in 2003 when Latibeaudiere was the supervising producer for the mentioned show. The two reportedly became good friends working on the show, eventually turning their professional relationship into a romantic one.

They Spend Lots of Time in the Mountains

Besides their shared career, the power couple shares a common love for mountains. They regularly go on hiking, mostly by themselves, but they sometimes take their dog, too.

Their Instagram [before it was deleted] revealed that they had hiked together in Quandary Peak, Mammoth Mountain, and Upper Mohawk Lake.

They also like to ski through the mountains. Travel obviously comes with mountaineering, and the couple seems to embrace it.

In one of Charles’ Instagram posts, he had wished Barbara happy birthday and included a hashtag “meet me halfway around the world,” hinting towards an international mountaineering trip.