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Chad Prather and his wife are a happy couple who are co-parenting five kids.

Chad Prather and his wife are a happy couple who are co-parenting five kids.

Chad Prather, an American comedian and political analyst, has been wed to Jade Prather.

Three daughters and two sons make up the five children that Chad and Jade are parents to. It’s interesting to note that they are not yet parents of biological children.

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Chad Prather, who?

Chad is a multifaceted individual. He is a Southern comedian, humorist, speaker of inspiration, YouTuber, and the host of The Chad Prather Show on Blaze TV.

He first gained notoriety in 2015 when his ranting YouTube video “Unapologetically Southern” became a hit.

The film was made in retaliation to a derogatory comment from a fan who singled out his Southern accent and culture.

After that, he rose to fame online and made an appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend in October 2015, where he underlined the need of trying to understand various cultures rather than stereotyping them.

In 2022, he will be a candidate for governor of Texas.

The future is looking very bright for Chad Prather. He has made the decision to forego his political commentary and enter Texas’s political arena directly by running for governor.

He unveiled a new website in April 2021 that suggests he will challenge Texas Governor Greg Abbott in 2022.

On July 3, 2020, the comedian made a public announcement of the news via Twitter.

The wife of Chad is a licensed nurse.

Jade Prather, a registered nurse who is also married to a comedian, has been working as a nurse at Cook Children’s Pediatrics since November 2018.

Prior to that, she worked as a trauma nurse at THR Harris Methodist FW Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, for 14 years. Additionally, she worked for Arlington ISD for six years as a school nurse.

Jade Regularly Appear in Chad’s Videos

Jade frequently appears in her husband’s YouTube, podcasts, and social media content.

Chad’s podcast from 2019 is a sincere look on their relationship.

On the 40th edition of his podcast, Jade joined him and they discussed politics, Chad’s celebrity, dealing with hostility on social media, and fans.

Additionally, they discussed how they remained steadfast and helped Prather overcome his despair.

She also appeared in his 2019 video, “Getting Real About Faith With My Wife,” in which they discussed their religious beliefs and church.

When it comes to ethics, politics, and beliefs, they appear to be in agreement.

He has also uploaded a number of amusing films about his wife and family life to YouTube. Many of them have titles like “My wife is so lucky” and “Marriage and Sleep.”

They Have Five Children to Raise

There are five children in Chad and Jade’s family, however none of them are related to them biologically.

The five children are divided among four who are from Chad’s first marriage—three daughters and a son—and one who is from Jade’s previous union. They both had up to now kept the specifics of their prior relationships hidden.

Brandon, Jade’s biological son, was sighted in November 2020 cheering on his high school rugby team. He turned 14 in the same month as well.