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Celina Powell Has No Reservations About Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Celina Powell Has No Reservations About Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Particularly when it comes to surgical alterations of the body, celebrities tend to remain silent about their personal life decisions. However, Instagram celebrity Celina Powell is an exception.

The socialite has spoken openly about her plastic surgeries and the associated costs.

Powell Reveals the Price of Her Most Recent Plastic Surgery

Powell has always been pleased with the cosmetic procedures that have enhanced her facial and physical attractiveness.

One of her most recent procedures involves buttock injections, and she posted about it on Instagram. She not only disclosed that she had the procedure, but also disclosed the cost.

Through an Instagram video posted on September 22, 2020, the social media influencer displayed the syringes used in the procedure and disclosed that they cost $7000. She wrote, “7k worth of butt injections…”

Powell flaunted the injections she received, but her supporters deemed it irrelevant and superfluous.

A user remarked, “How about a relevancy injection? What does this have to do with anything that matters?” Someone else wrote, “Lady, you are beautiful, you don’t need that.”

Moreover, her followers were unafraid to criticize the Instagram star for spending money on her surgeries during the pandemic instead of assisting those in need.

One individual remarked, “Our homeless population is soaring, but during the ‘epidemic’ people have to pay $7,000 for butt injections.” “Oh my goodness”

Vocal regarding Plastic Surgery

Powell’s September buttock augmentation was not the first artificial alteration he underwent.She has frequently discussed her cosmetic procedures, which include breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

Early in 2020, during a live Instagram session, she disclosed that she had breast augmentation. “The natural organism has passed away. This is the only item on my left that is real,” she said.

Powell discussed undergoing a jaw procedure to eliminate the appearance of a double jawline during an October 2020 Instagram Live. She also expressed a desire for buttock injections to even out her hips. The authority said,

Subsequently, she revealed in a podcast with No Jumper that she had breast implants and buttock injections to attain an Instagram model’s appearance.

Mugshot Displays a Pre-Operative Face

Powell did not always have her current appearance. In 2018, she was arrested for theft and jumping bail, and the mugshot taken after her arrest reveals her visage prior to plastic surgery.

Powell has had numerous run-ins with the law, so the mugshot is not the last time she will be photographed for legal proceedings.

She was detained in Miami in late December 2020 for driving with a suspended license.

The Shade Room shared the arresting video.A handcuffed Instagram celebrity was observed inside a police vehicle.

The post’s caption stated that her bond was set at $1,500 and had been submitted.