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Cassidy Quinn’s age and marital status are unknown. Detailed bio of KGW Host

Cassidy Quinn’s age and marital status are unknown. Detailed bio of KGW Host

Cassidy Quinn Brettler, a news anchor and reporter for KGW television in the United States, is well-known around the world. Despite attracting the attention of the media and admirers, she places a high importance on her family and has a deep affection for both of her parents, who brought her into the world.

The Portland resident provides events-related news as well as some fun activities in her hometown.

Cassidy Quinn: Cassidy discusses establishing her own YouTube show (Video: Published on Jun 12, 2018)

Cassidy’s personal life, like her professional life, is transparent. She spends much of her free time on social media, where she shares a lot more about her personal life and family with her followers.

Cassidy Quinn’s bio (age) and educational background

Cassidy was born in Portland in 1980 and celebrates her birthday every year on July 17th. Cassidy Brettler was born to Dan Brettler and Cindy Brettler, and she grew up in the shadow of her parents, with a brother named Max Brettler.

She went to Lakeside School as a youngster and then to Emerson College in Boston, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in acting and a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2011. She has also taken entertainment public relations lessons.

Cassidy Quinn has worked for KGW and Alpha Media as a reporter.

Cassidy was an anchor and producer of news shows in college, and she also covered the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver! After graduation, she worked as a reporter and video blogger for the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

Cassidy was the director of Digital Creative & Social Media for Boloco, an English restaurant company, until 2013. She began working for the KGW news station in 2014 as a traffic reporter and a trending news reporter before becoming a news anchor in 2015.

Cassidy also works for Alpha Media in her hometown as a radio personality.

Aside from all of this, Cassidy has her own YouTube channel where she shares her thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics. She is also quite active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, with over 9k followers on Twitter and over 12k subscribers on her official YouTube channel ‘Cassidy Quinn.’

Is Cassidy Quinn’s Husband Alfredo Viera married?

Cassidy, who is 28 years old, is currently single. Her social media accounts, however, suggest that she is dating Alfredo Viera.

Despite the lack of photos to prove their connection, Cassidy routinely refers to him as a boyfriend on Twitter. She tweeted a photo of flowers in July 2014, praising her boyfriend Alfredo for the most gorgeous surprise to come home to after a long day.

Cassidy Quinn thanks her prospective husband-to-be in a tweet (photo courtesy of Cassidy Quinn’s Twitter).

In January 2015, she also tweeted a photo of herself in a bridal gown, saying she felt horrible for her partner as she tried on a wedding gown for the first time on live TV, which her boyfriend witnessed.

Cassidy, a Twitter addict, recently responded to a picture of a puppy she posted on Twitter in May 2018 by saying it was her boyfriend’s dog. It demonstrates that she is still capable of maintaining a healthy relationship with her lover, but their intimacy has yet to extend beyond the husband-wife tag on social media.

Cassidy Quinn’s Dedication to Her Family

Cassidy, like her fiance, does not miss to show her love for her family through her social media posts. She frequently sends birthday greetings to her parents, describing them as the best parents she could have.

She also adores her younger brother and never tires of sharing photos from their youth. Cassidy also enjoys spending some time with her adoring grandmother.

All of this recalls the worth she perceived as a child, when she felt inextricably linked to her adoring parents. She recognizes the value of family in one’s life and the sacrifices parents make for their children’s well-being. Cassidy echoes these thoughts, her love and adoration for her parents never seeming to fade.