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Cassey Ho’s wedding to her boyfriend at the age of 31 stunned fans | Read the whole story

Cassey Ho’s wedding to her boyfriend at the age of 31 stunned fans | Read the whole story

Cassey Ho, a social media fitness entrepreneur, revealed her dating life after nine years when she eventually got engaged to her long-term lover. Naturally, the news of their engagement startled the majority of her followers, who then congratulated her!

Her YouTube channel, Bigelates, and her website,, propelled the Los Angeles native to fame. Forbes has classified her as a rising social media marketing because her YouTube channel has over 4 million members.

She earned a Shorty Award in the category of social fitness and Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati Blogger Awards (2012) in the category of “Top Healthy Living Blog,” making her a worldwide internet star as one of the best fitness teachers.

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Bio of Cassey Ho (Age)

Cassey Ho was born on January 16, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Bach Ho and Cup Ho.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Whittier College.

Despite having a biology degree, she combined her passions in fitness and began marketing her clothing and bag line on Blogilates.

Ho is of mixed Vietnamese and Chinese ancestry and measures 5 feet and 5 inches in height.

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Cassey, 31, makes a large amount of money both directly and indirectly through her YouTube channel, which has over 4 million members, and her Biogilates business.

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She earns a salary of $170,000 per year, according to certain wiki sources, although information on her net worth is scarce.

Why Did Cassey Ho Keep Her Long-Time Boyfriend Out of the Public Eye?

Cassey had the same face as all the professionals who prefer to keep their personal lives private.

She eventually broke her silence after almost a nine-year relationship with her lover.

When it comes to Cassey’s personal life, particularly her partner, Sam Livits, they began dating privately a year before Cassey debuted her own brand in the summer of 2009. She had, however, always been guarded about her personal life.

A trip to Kauai in 2017 not only resulted in her engagement with her fiance but also altered her hesitant existence. She shared it on Instagram a week after she said yes to her longtime partner, revealing her fantastic feelings.

Cassey Ho got engaged to her adoring partner on August 16, 2017, after a nine-year romance (photo source: Cassey’s Instagram).

She also explained why she had been silent for more than nine years.

The joyfully engaged pair also disclosed the date of their wedding, which will take place on October 6, 2018.

Cassey ties the knot with Sam Lives at the age of 31, with a wedding planner for 2018.

A relationship cannot be held together by chains. It’s hundreds of little threads that bind people together over time.

On October 6, 2018, Cassey Ho, 31, married her boyfriend-turned-husband, Sam Lives, a finance instructor at Whittier College’s Center for Academic Success (CAS), a year after their public engagement on August 16, 2017.

Cassey appears to be living the happiest chapters of her life following their stunning wedding, as her brilliant work is complemented by a wonderful personal life and a loving husband!