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Carrot Top disputes claims of plastic surgery and claims that workouts are to blame for the before and after changes.

Carrot Top disputes claims of plastic surgery and claims that workouts are to blame for the before and after changes.

One of the top comedians of the late 1990s and early 2000s is Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson. When Carrot Top is mentioned, aside from the comedy, one of the most hotly contested subjects is his appearance, specifically whether or not he underwent plastic surgery.

Although a number of publications have attempted to analyze his transformation and provide a conclusive response to the query, the comedian strongly refutes any claims that he has undergone cosmetic surgery.

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Carrot Top asserts that he has never undergone plastic surgery

For many years, comedian Top has dealt with speculation about plastic surgery and images of patients before and after procedures.

Many compared his transformation to botched plastic surgery, and some experts even made comments about it. For instance, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn speculated that the comic may have had laser or chemical peel procedures. The doctor also remarked on Top’s appearance, saying it resembled a muscle-bound cartoon character more.

Nevertheless, despite the allegations, the comedian has repeatedly stated that no work was done.

The Florida native described the plastic surgery claims as the crazy things he has read about himself in an interview with Florida Today in 2015. He also responded to allegations that he had used steroids.

Then he said that the rumors were untrue and that he had just become famous after putting in a lot of effort to get large.

And given that he was performing hundreds of gigs annually at the height of his fame when the reports first surfaced, his statements definitely make sense.

At the Luxor Hotel and Casino, he performs.

The Chairman of the Board star has worked in humor for three decades, beginning with his 1991 performance on Comic Strip Live. Even if he doesn’t appear in the news as frequently as he once did, his career is far from over.

Since 2005, the comedy’s King of Props has been drawing fans and comedy enthusiasts to his residency at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He still does roughly 300 shows annually, and a lot of famous people come to see him.

The Comedian and His Girlfriend Have Been Dating for a Long Time

The stand-up comedian and Amanda Hogan have been dating for a while. Although it’s unclear when their relationship started, she appeared in 2013 Where Are They Now for Top video on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

On social media, the pair frequently shares photos of themselves with their puppy, Boo Bear. For instance, the comedian sang Randy Travis’ “Forever And Ever, Amen” as he wished her a happy birthday in August 2020. In the video, he even referred to her as his “best buddy in the entire big world” and wished her a happy birthday. I adore you.