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Carrie Nuttall, Where Is Neil Peart’s Wife Of 2 Decades Now?

Carrie Nuttall, Where Is Neil Peart’s Wife Of 2 Decades Now?

Carrie Nuttall is the lovely wife of Neil Peart, the late Canadian musician. The couple had been married for several years and had a daughter together.

Let’s find out what Neil Peart’s wife, Carrie Nuttall, is up to these days. Learn about her husband’s previous tragedy before marrying her.

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Were Married Up Until Neil’s Death

Carrie Nuttall is the late musician Neil Peart’s wife, as previously stated. They had been married for over two decades. Andrew MacNaughtan, Rush’s photographer, introduced them in 1999, while Carrie was working as his photography assistant. Neil had received a few test polaroids from him.

Neil Peart and Carrie Nuttall dated before getting married in 2000. Image courtesy of social media.

Andrew even set them up on a double date. Carrie and Neil dated for a year before marrying on September 9, 2000, in Santa Barbara, California. MacNaughan even gave a short speech as the couple’s benefactor at their wedding.

Neil Peart and Carrie Nuttall were married for two decades until Neil passed away on January 7, 2020.

Is a Daughter’s Doting Mother

Carrie and Neil have had a daughter together in their two decades of marriage. Neil Peart’s wife gave birth to their daughter, Olivia Louise Peart, nine years after their marriage. Carrie’s husband announced her pregnancy in an article titled Under the Marine Layer, which he published on his website’s News, Weather, and Sports section in June 2009.

Carrie and Neil, on the other hand, did not reveal anything about their daughter’s exact birth time or date. Olivia’s father died of glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer when she was only ten years old.

Carrie Nuttall’s husband, Rush, retired from the band to spend more time with Olivia while he was still alive. He was there for her every day and cared for her for a long time.

Neil Peart’s wife works as a photographer.

Carrie Nuttall, Neil Peart’s wife, is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She primarily works in the music and entertainment industries. As previously stated, she worked as a photography assistant to Andrew Macnaughtan prior to meeting Neil.

Carrie also released a portrait book, Rhythm, and Light, in 2005. The book featured intimate photographs of her husband, Neil, in the studio. The book received positive reviews and was well-received by many of his fans.

Her Husband’s First Marital Relationship

Neil Nuttall is Carrie Nuttall’s first husband, but she is not his first wife. Peart was previously married to Jacqueline Taylor. Carrie and Jacqueline had been married for more than two decades. Neil’s first wife, Jacqueline, gave birth to their daughter, Selena Peart Taylor, on April 22, 1978, after they had been married for 23 years.

Neil Peart, Carrie Nuttall’s husband, tragically lost his first child, Selena Taylor, when she was 19 years old, on August 10, 1997. In Brighton, Ontario, she was involved in a fatal car accident.

Furthermore, only ten months after Selena’s death, Carrie’s partner suffered another loss. Jacqueline, his first wife, died of cancer on June 20, 1998. Losing his wife and daughter within a year was difficult for him, so he took a long sabbatical from his career to mourn.

Neil rode his motorcycle across North and Central America. Furthermore, he used his words to document his emotional and geographical journey, which resulted in the book Ghost Rider: Travel on the Healing Road.

Neil later met Carrie a few years later. She assisted him in moving on with his life, and the couple eventually married.

Is a private individual

Carrie Nuttall rose to prominence as the late songwriter and musician Neil Peart’s wife. Despite his celebrity, Nuttall is a very private individual. She prefers life away from the media and the spotlight, with the exception of a few public appearances with her late husband. She does not appear to have any social media accounts.

While we will never see the couple again, we can hope that Carrie Nuttall raises her daughter with love and care.

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