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Carmen and Corey, a YouTube couple, have announced that they are expecting their second child.

Carmen and Corey, a YouTube couple, have announced that they are expecting their second child.

Since starting their YouTube journey in 2018, Carmen and Corey Pritchett have come a long way. They currently have a fan base of more than four million people.

With such a large following on the social media platform, it’s obvious that followers were overjoyed when the couple announced they were expecting their second child. But, as of this writing, they had been keeping the news to themselves for 16 weeks.

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Carmen and Corey are 16 weeks along in their pregnancy.

Carmen recently used Instagram to share the news with the rest of the globe. She proudly displayed her baby bulge in two photos of herself coated in shimmering gold body paint.

Despite the fact that longstanding followers had been guessing about the pregnancy for some time, they were pleasantly delighted to learn that she was already 16 weeks pregnant.

In the first photo, the YouTuber was seen lovingly holding her pregnant belly while smiling at the camera. She was lying down in the second frame, supporting herself up with one hand while the other rested comfortably on her knee.

The celebrity couple had intended to make the big announcement on Carmen’s 23rd birthday.

Before wishing herself a happy birthday, she said it was the perfect day for the perfect picture. This was followed by a post that featured her, her husband, and their firstborn son.

Carmen and Corey are about to reveal the baby’s gender.

Both the soon-to-be mother of two and her adoring husband were dressed in white shirts in the second post. In keeping with the theme, their youngster was dressed in white in the second photo.

The announcements on Instagram were followed by a YouTube video in which the couple formally announced their pregnancy to the world. They also revealed that Carmen had planned to keep the happy news a secret until her birthday.

They also addressed their absence from both their primary and family channels on YouTube, implying that they stayed away from cameras to keep the pregnancy a secret.

Returning to the present, Corey stated that the pair only recently received their gender findings from their healthcare providers. However, they had no idea what the baby’s gender was.

This leads to the more good news: the pair will host a gender reveal party, which will be documented in one of their YouTube videos so that followers can see the wonderful occasion firsthand.

Carmen and Corey Announced the Baby’s Birth

They even narrated the narrative of the night they conceived the kid later in the video. To cut a long tale short, the kid was conceived in a Lamborghini, and despite their emotions, they made it home. We’ll delegate the planning to the couple. Take a look at this video:

Regrettably, this is the couple’s second pregnancy announcement in less than a year. Carmen released a vlog in February, on Valentine’s Day, in which she revealed that she was pregnant and that she hadn’t told Cody yet.

Unfortunately, over a month after the announcement, the couple released another video in which they revealed that they had lost their pregnancy.