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Carlos Rivera Isn’t Bothered by the Homosexuality and Infidelity Scandal

Carlos Rivera Isn’t Bothered by the Homosexuality and Infidelity Scandal

Mexican singer Carlos Rivera gained notoriety after taking first place in the third season of La Academia. Thanks to his songs like “Y Si tu Supieras” and “El hubiera no existe,” this Mexican heartthrob’s life has never been the same since.

In La Academia, the singer also met Cynthia Rodriguez, with whom she has been dating ever since. The singer’s infidelity, sporadic rumors of secret weddings, and pregnancy news have all repeatedly fueled their romance.

Recently, it was believed that the singer had come out of the closet and declared his homosexuality. A factor in this is the well-known Mexican musician Jose Monti Montanez’s admission of his sexual orientation.

Mexican singers Carlos Rivera and Jose Monti Montanez’s confusion about homosexuality

Despite having a long-standing relationship with TV star Cynthia Rodriquez, Rivera has frequently been asked about his purported homosexuality.

When another performer came out as gay, these accusations and suspicions reached a completely new high. Jose Monti Montanez, a former member of Menudo, who had denied his sexual orientation for many years, was the singer.

However, for a while, Rivera was confused for Montanez, leading to the false impression that Rivera had come out as gay.

The La Academia winner consequently had to put up with criticism and mockery for being gay from users of various social media platforms.

Toita, an ex-member of “La Academia,” also questioned his sexual orientation.

Many continue to doubt the singer’s sexuality despite his denial of the LGBT accusations and his relationship with Rodriquez.

Toita, a former member of La Academia, contributed some more flavor to the race by participating in the Gossip No Like program in February 2021. She questioned Rivera’s sexuality and the validity of the courtship with his girlfriend during the interview.

Apparently, Rivera cheated on his girlfriend.

Rivera received criticism for a number of other controversies in addition to the homosexuality one. He sparked yet another controversy with his message to Danna Paola on her Instagram.

The admiration the singer of “I Was Waiting for You” gave Danna Paola in the message didn’t receive well from online users.

On a video of Danna Paola dancing, Rivera reportedly wrote “That” and an emoticon of a dancing woman.

His following was split by this debate. And although some fans expressed their desire for the two to date or perform a duet together, other followers were upset and criticized him for not valuing his relationship with Cynthia Rodriguez.

Because Rivera and Rodriquez are not very honest about their relationship in the media, many of these skewed rumors have been spread. The well-known Mexican singer was condemned for being unfaithful to Cynthia Rodriguez by having an extramarital affair with a man in addition to the Danna Paola case.

Carlos Rivera on the Debate Over His Infidelity and Homosexuality

Being a private individual, Rivera initially made the decision to avoid commenting on the controversy surrounding his infidelity and homosexuality. He responded to the LGBT allegations as the situation developed by implying that even if he admitted to being in a relationship, he would still be the topic of speculations. Therefore, he is uninterested in the comments.

The musician also admitted that he couldn’t give a damn about what others are saying negatively about him. He continued, demonstrating his lack of interest in the remarks he had previously received.

Although it was originally believed that Rivera had come out as gay, that is all in the past now.