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Caitlyn Roth Wedding Rumors: Are They True Or False? Tucker Barnes Age & Wiki: Are Caitlyn Roth Wedding Rumors True Or False?

Caitlyn Roth Wedding Rumors: Are They True Or False? Tucker Barnes Age & Wiki: Are Caitlyn Roth Wedding Rumors True Or False?

Tucker Barnes began to be fascinated by the weather when he was five years old and began predicting for fun. Little did he know that the weather would become not only his passion and future vocation but also the path that would lead him to his life partner.

The Washington native is noted for his precise weather forecasts on FOX 5’s News Morning and Good Day DC, where he mostly analyzes and predicts weather in and around the American Capital, Washington, D.C.

Good Day DC: Tucker Barnes was coated in Seafoam while reporting Hurricane Irene for FOX 5, demonstrating his dedication (Published on 29 August 2016)

Today, you’ll learn some lesser-known wikis and facts about FOX 5’s celebrity meteorologist, such as his age, height, salary, net worth, education, birthday, family, wedding information, and married life.

1. At the age of five, Tucker Barnes was smitten by the weather.

Tucker’s precise birthday is unknown, however, according to our wiki sources, he was born on September 5th.

The future meteorologist, who grew up in the Washington region, was fascinated by weather from the age of five and began predicting to his kindergarten class. He was full-on forecasting weather to his friends by the time he entered high school.

While his predictions couldn’t have been very precise at that age, he exhibited a strong interest in meteorology.

Tucker’s Fame and Enviable Net Worth Are Due to Weather

He attended UC Berkeley for his undergraduate education and degree and the University of Maryland, College Park for his graduate studies after completing his high school education.

Tucker has worked for FOX 5 News Morning and Good Day DC in the United States capital for many years. His coverage of Hurricane Irene in Ocean City, Maryland, the winter of Snowmaggedon, and the 2012 North American Derecho, as he put it, was one of his best accomplishments.

Tucker makes around $90,000 per year as a regular weatherman for FOX 5, which adds to his already enormous personal worth.

3. Tucker Barnes’s Love Interest Is Also a Weather Fanatic

Tucker was so obsessed with weather that becoming a weatherman wasn’t enough for him; he also needed a weathergirl as his sidekick. Tucker and fellow FOX 5 meteorologist Caitlin Roth are practically married.

She joined FOX 5 News Morning and Good Day DC later in the season. Caitlin Roth, a native of the Philadelphia suburbs, earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Penn State University.

Caitlin Roth became interested in weather after 30 inches of snow fell in Philadelphia in 1996. She worked as a weather girl for a number of stations before landing a job with FOX 5 and Tucker Barnes.

4. Is Tucker Barnes and Caitlin Roth Married? A couple who Looks Almost Married

While it is unclear whether the two have married or not, they appear to be in a relationship. Tucker and Caitlin do not hesitate to celebrate each other and demonstrate their love for each other on social media, regardless of whether they are married or not.

Tucker and Caitlin routinely post personal photos on social media, sometimes wishing each other happy birthdays, and other times simply expressing their joy at being together. In those photos, they appear to be made for each other, as their similar heights attest.

Weather’s ability to unite people does not appear to be fading anytime soon. We hope they stay together and start a family soon—and that they reveal whether or not they’ve married.