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Byron Scott’s Ex-Wife Anita Scott, Was Set To Receive Millions In Divorce Settlement

Byron Scott’s Ex-Wife Anita Scott, Was Set To Receive Millions In Divorce Settlement

Byron Scott is a retired basketball player from the United States who won three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers during their Showtime heyday in the 1980s. When Byron became an assistant coach for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings in 1998, he transitioned from playing to coaching. He rose up the ranks to become the head coach before retiring from coaching in 2016 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Byron has two children from two marriages. Although he is a well-known figure in the NBA, his personal life is frequently overshadowed by his professional endeavors. Byron Scott was married to his ex-wife Anita Scott for nearly three decades until they divorced due to their growing disagreements. Let’s take a look at their relationship dynamics and learn more about Byron Scott’s ex-wife, Anita Scott.

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29 Years of Marriage

In 1985, Byron Scott married his ex-wife Anita, and the two were married for almost three decades. Thomas Scott and LonDenScott were Byron and Anita’s children. Both of the children have grown up and are now raising their own families.

The divorce of Anita and Byron was unusual because the pair had been together for so long. Byron allegedly cheated on her with CeCe Gutierrez of Basketball Wives fame. CeCe and Byron married in a stunningly stunning event in July, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Anita, on the other hand, could be single.

With Anita, Byron Adopted A Son

Byron Scott’s kid Thomas Scott was actually adopted, according to an episode of ‘Basketball Wives.’ Many people were taken aback by this because it had not been made public previously. CeCe went on to say that while this was not a family secret, the rest of the world was in the dark about it. T.K. Carter, Thomas’ biological father, took to Instagram after the incident to express his support for his son

Anita Scott, Byron Scott’s ex-wife, is set to get millions of dollars.

In 2014, Byron Scott and his ex-wife Anita filed for divorce. However, the divorce wasn’t formalized until recently. Anita had originally requested $60K in spousal support on a monthly basis, but the bargain was finally reached at $7k per month. She reportedly received other bonuses, including $2.4 million from various bank accounts and a $560,000 property settlement. She was also given a 2007 Mercedes SL600 as well as other valuables.

Byron Scott’s net worth is approximately $14 million, with a yearly salary of $4 million, thus the divorce settlement removes a significant amount from him. We assume Anita has already received the majority of the items she was promised based on the lack of subsequent reports. Plus, with all of these assets and income flowing in, Anita Scott’s net worth must have risen to new heights.

On ‘Basketball Wives,’ Anita has taken over for OG.

OG, who was dismissed from the VH1 show ‘Basketball Wives’ owing to violent tendencies, was slated to be replaced by Byron Scott’s ex-wife Anita Scott. Many believe this will be a juicy casting because Anita’s relationship with Byron is said to have deteriorated when he dumped her for a young CeCe. In addition, Anita is a close friend of Evelyn Lozada, another Basketball Wives star.

With Anita joining the show, the other girls will undoubtedly try to figure out why she ended her relationship with the former basketball player. We’ll have to find out if CeCe had anything to do with it.

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