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Bubzbeauty New boyfriend came quickly.

Bubzbeauty New boyfriend came quickly.

Bubzbeauty revealed to followers she divorced in March 2020 via Instagram Q&A. She posted a YouTube video a few days following her Instagram confession.

Just as followers were getting over the news, the YouTuber said she was dating someone else.

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Bubzbeauty split in March 2020.

In March 2020, a fan approached the YouTuber about her marriage after noticing hazy hints about it ending. The fan said her fans should know everything. Her response:

Fans on Reddit said there were apparent signs of her failed marriage all along. The confirmation saddened others. Fans thought her ex-husband was cheating.

Her ex-husband was friendly

In a video, she explained she needed to announce her separation but didn’t want to go into depth. She instead recounted how she found perspective and calm.

She said the last four months were humbling. She was the happiest in six months. She believed everything happened for a reason, and everything was falling into place.

Bubz said she and her ex-husband, Tim, whose last name is unknown, are on friendly terms and focused on raising their children, Issac and Ayla.

 Bubz Beauty - Lindy, husband Tim and son Issac #BubzBeauty #YouTuber  #Family #Asian Pinterest Bubz Beauty - Lindy, husband Tim and son Issac #BubzBeauty

Bubz Beauty – Lindy, husband Tim, and son Issac

Fans worried when she started dating again

According to Guru Gossip, Bubz had a new beau by late 2020 and posted about him on Instagram.

One commenter said the YouTuber went to a beach with the unknown man in January 2021, but she only released back-facing footage. The same man’s face was disguised in another selfie she posted.

She never exposed his face in other sightings.

Another commenter said she looked happy in January vlogs. They weren’t sure if she was happier without Tim or with Mr. Lumberjack. She called him that.

Some supporters were worried about her dating so soon after her divorce.

They said she couldn’t have gotten over her 16-year-old ex-husband so quickly.