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Bruno Mars’ Sister Tiara Hernandez Loves Surfing And Is Very Energetic

Bruno Mars’ Sister Tiara Hernandez Loves Surfing And Is Very Energetic

If you’re a diehard Bruno Mars fan, you’ve probably heard of Tiara Bella Hernandez. The 36-year-old Hawaiian native is the sister of the 11-time Grammy Award winner.

Hawaii’s islands are culturally diverse and always eager to welcome visitors. Tiara Hernandez, Bruno Mars’ sister, has dedicated herself entirely to the Hawaiian culture.

Let’s take a closer look at Tiara’s personal life and interests to get a better understanding of her.

From the beginning, I was surrounded by dance and music.

Tiara Hernandez is the second child of Peter Hernandez and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, and was born on September 26, 1984. Tiara’s mother was a hula dancer and her father was a percussionist for Love & Money and Cecilio & Kapono.

Bruno Mars’ sister, along with her other siblings, was exposed to the Aloha culture of dancing and singing from the beginning. As a result, all of the Hernandez children excelled in the fields of music and dance.

The Surfer Has Five Talented Brothers and Sisters

Tiara Hernandez has four siblings in addition to the Just the Way You Are singer. Eric Hernandez, the family’s eldest son, is a modern drummer who has collaborated with his brother and other skilled musicians.

Tiara Hernandez comes from a family of five gifted siblings. Tiara Hernandez’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Not only does the percussionist’s daughter have two brothers, but she also has three sisters. Jaime Kailani is her half-sister, while Tahiti Hernandez and Presley Hernandez are her biological relatives. Jaime is actually Tahiti’s cousin, according to the New York Daily News, and was later adopted into the Hernandez family.

Apart from Tiara and her brother Bruno Mars, all of the other siblings are married and have their own families with gorgeous kids and children. Furthermore, it is still unknown whether Tiara has a boyfriend or a partner.

Tiara and her sisters had a reality show on television.

Tiara Hernandez, unlike her brothers, prefers to be herself by avoiding the spotlight and the glitz. However, the lovely Hernandez sisters had their own reality TV show called “The Lylas” at one point.

Lylas, which stands for Love You Like A Sister, was a one-season show that aired in 2013. It centers on Tiara and her sister’s singing abilities, and it depicts independent women leaving their families to follow their passion for music.

The Surf Queen of Oahu

The native of Oahu is never far from his home. Despite being busy with her other ventures, the 36-year-old always finds time to surf. Every day, the skilled surfer goes out to catch a wave. You may check out her social media if you don’t trust me.

Bruno Mars’ sister has a tanned and toned figure as a result of her daily surfing, giving her the appearance of a traditional beach bod. The surfer spent her recent birthday surfing with her friends, stopping just to eat.

The Lyla’s actress and her friends have successfully caught party waves as a group, which is a difficult feat. She also designs and builds her own surfboards.

A Music Instructor

Tiara Bella Hernandez may be constantly surfing, but she never forgets about her students. The drummer’s sister is a music instructor who is known for using music to promote Hawaiian culture.

The four-year-old sister’s passion for singing stems from childhood recollections of performing with her family. She believes there is a deeper relationship between music and memory as a teacher.

Tiara Hernandez, Bruno Mars’ sister, plays traditional Hawaiian instruments such as the Okeke, Keke eke, and ipu. She is also an accomplished hula dancer who performs frequently.

The Sister of Bruno Mars Has Her Own Festival

Tiara Hernandez has her own music and performing arts festival, Kekichella, as the name suggests. The yearly celebration celebrates Hawaiian customs and standards, with the goal of preserving the culture.

It’s also a place for surfers’ students to show off their skills. It’s the ideal event for preserving the island’s culture among the younger generation. Tiara and the team even collaborated on the festival’s theme, “I Love Hawaii,” with Tammy Moniz, a friend, surfer, and instructor.

Piano and singing, hula dancing, and Siva Afi, a traditional Hawaiian fire knife dance, are all featured at the Kekichella event.

Hawaiian Cuisine is a specialty of mine.

Tiara Hernandez, Bruno Mars’ sister, is a superb surfer, a teacher, and an excellent Hawaiian cook. She attributes her love of cooking, like her enthusiasm for music, to her upbringing.

The owner of Kekichella has also participated in a few cooking shows, most recently on Cooking Hawaiian Style, where she demonstrated her culinary skills. Tiara even cooked her family’s favorite Lee Kum Kee Loco Moco, which appears to be quite difficult to prepare.

The frequent face of Oahu’s north shore can also be seen doing tiny shows with her nieces and nephews. The surfer is content with the situation and plays an important part in preserving the Aloha culture.

The amazing vocalist is currently working for Hawaii, but we expect her to settle down soon, much like her siblings. Tiara Hernandez may have gained notoriety as Bruno Mars’ sister, but she is a well-liked Hawaiin star.

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