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Briana Latrise

Facts of Briana Latrise

Full Name: Briana Latrise
Birth Date: August 3, 1986
Age: 37 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Reality Star
Horoscope: Leo
FatherKendu Isaacs
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Briana Latrise, a photographer and blogger who rose to stardom thanks to the hit TV show “Growing Up Hip Hop,” drew media attention with her numerous parties with her boyfriends and parents.

Briana never gave up on her life despite adversity and hurdles, and she made a name for herself as the founder of Tuesday At Heart and a consultant for “With Love Productions.”

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Has A Baby After A Series Of Horrible Relationships

Briana Latrise, the founder of Tuesdays At Heart, is 32 years old and chooses to keep her relationship and dating status private. She, on the other hand, was unable to filter information about her daughter, whom she had given birth to with her prior partner. There have been no public discoveries regarding the state of her relationship with her previous partner, but given the news and tales that have surfaced in the media in recent years, we cannot deny that she had a bad relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

She was supposedly destitute and left alone during her pregnancy. Even her parents, whom she now considers deceased, were not supportive throughout her difficult times. Briana’s abysmal relationship with her ex-boyfriend caused not only a chasm between two lovers, but also a chasm between her parents and herself.

Briana got into a new relationship with Iman Omari, a DJ and producer, after her previous relationship ended and she was entangled in a tangle of challenges and tribulations. Her other romance, on the other hand, was unable to continue in a healthy and balanced manner, resulting in horrific disputes and disagreements between the pair. Briana allegedly accused her boyfriend, Iman Omari, of abusing her and assaulting her. Despite the fact that her stepmother, Mary J. Blige, is a proponent of domestic violence, Briana could not escape the consequences of being a victim.

Despite the fact that Briana Latrise is not married and does not have a husband, she is currently enjoying her time with her baby. Perhaps she’ll soon break the joyous news in the media by announcing her wedding.

Briana Latrise’s Salary And Profession

Brian Latrise has amassed a sizable fortune and net worth through her professional career as a photographer and writer. Briana launched Tuesdays At Heart and also became a strategic consultant for With Love Productions after gaining fame on TV shows such as “Growing Up Hip Hop.” With a career credit as a writer and author, she also wrote the television series The People in the Back. She also worked for D F Enterprises as an event producer.

Angela Simmons’ Drug Speculation And Feud

When her erratic behavior was obvious during the late-February 2019 episodes of the We TV series, Growing Up Hip Hop grad Briana Latrise was in the middle of controversies. She had a panic attack and even passed out on set.

On the 20th episode of GUHH, the reality starlet admitted to her co-star Boogie Dash that she had been drinking excessively. Briana was having a hard time dealing with practical life concerns, according to Boogie, and turned to using drugs or alcohol to cope.

Even as she was set to celebrate her birthday on August 3, 2019, the actress had a dreadful birthday. When her close friends and family awaited her arrival at the dinner, she was stuck inside her car, having a panic attack. Jo Jo Simmons was dismayed when Briana instructed her to leave her alone when she tried to check on her. She was able to become sober and angrily headed to her birthday meal a few seconds later.

Briana’s ongoing conflict with Angela Simmons was another topic of discussion among GUHH viewers. Angela was so unhappy with Briana in 2017 that she opted not to film when the reality starlet was around. Briana even went off on Angela, accusing her of attempting to limit the amount of money she made from the series GUHH. On GUHH, there has been a running tale about the feud between the two cast members.

Briana’s Parents and Family

Briana Latrise is the daughter of Kendu Isaacs, an American producer, and his first wife, Maurine. She is also recognized as the singer Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter. Briana, like her parents, had a number of spousal issues and hardships.

Her parents, Kendu and Mary, are accused of being involved in a series of misunderstandings and violence that cost them $110,000 in spousal support. Kendu was accused of taking over $420,000 from Mary as her business manager and spending it on his lover.

Wiki and a brief bio

Briana Latrise, who was born in 1986 in New York, celebrates her birthday every year on August 3rd. She is of Afro-American ancestry and possesses American citizenship. The 32-year-old photographer and blogger’s zodiac sign is Leo. She lost weight over the course of a few years and now stands at a lovely height with lovely body measurements.