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Brian McKnight responds to the allegations leveled against him by the children. They didn’t want him in their lives, according to them.

Brian McKnight responds to the allegations leveled against him by the children. They didn’t want him in their lives, according to them.

Brian McKnight’s relationship with his biological children has been closely monitored since they accused him of abandoning them. The McKnights’ feud has exposed a lot about how the family had been drifting apart.

McKnight’s children shared photos on Instagram with messages claiming their father had abandoned them. This prompted him to reject their claims in an exclusive interview, saying that his connection with his biological children was tense even before his divorce, emphasizing the occasions when his previous family made him feel unwelcome in their life.

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The Family Feud of the McKnights

From his first marriage with Julie Mcknight, the singer/philanthropist has three biological children: two sons and a daughter. From 1990 through 2003, the pair was together for 13 years.

McKnight married pediatric neurophysiologist Lelani McPhee in 2007 after divorcing in 2003. He became a stepfather to Lelani’s two children, Julia and Jack McPhee, after marrying her.

The musician has been living with his new family since their marriage.

His biological children have had a strained relationship with him since his divorce. He was never referenced in any of their social media posts, as evidenced by the fact that he was never mentioned in any of their posts. However, when they mentioned him, it was not in a positive light, bringing their family feud to light.

The feud started when his son Brian McKnight Jr. and daughter Briana McKnight both posted on their Instagram accounts about how their father had abandoned his children and grandchildren.

Brian Jr., his son, pointed out in a now-deleted post that his father had neglected all of them.

Briana’s post is still online, and in it, she goes into great detail about the grief and pain she felt as a result of her father’s negligence.

Briana noted in the caption that she and her father had always been estranged and that she blamed herself for it.

She noted that it bothered her when her calls were routed through someone else before reaching her father. Her father never called to wish her a birthday, according to the singer’s daughter.

She praised her brothers for being the father figures she needed throughout her life in the caption, and she stated that she, like her brother Brian Jr, wanted to convey her side of the tale.

Brian’s Take On Things

In an August 2019 interview with The Jasmine Brand, the 90s star flatly disputed his children’s allegations. During the conversation, the singer discussed how his connection with his children has changed over time.

The musician revealed that he never missed a day of child support and was always present for his children. The actor claimed that his children were no longer children and that he had been a rock for them throughout their youth and in times of need.

The benefactor believes the saga began when he uploaded a photo of himself with Lelani’s kid, Jack.

The songwriter admitted that his relationship with his daughter had deteriorated even before the divorce.

McKnight remembers hearing a rumor about an older cousin who was over 18 having a sexual relationship with Briana a few years back.

The musician, acting as a responsible father, contacted Arizona’s state office for children’s affairs.

He claims he never heard from the department, and his ex-wife, Julie, barred him and his family from Briana’s social media accounts after the incident.

The encounter, according to the artist, taught him that they didn’t want him in their lives. He went on to say that he couldn’t figure out where all of the accusations came from.