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Brent Rivera reunites with his ex-girlfriend for a prank

Brent Rivera reunites with his ex-girlfriend for a prank

On April 11, 2021, YouTuber Brent Rivera and his ex-girlfriend Eva Gutowski released a new video titled ‘We Got Back Together?’ to fool their friends into thinking they had rekindled their relationship.

Gutowski is well-known for his on-again, off-again romance with the YouTube phenomenon. They’ve been pals for more than six years and have worked together on a number of YouTube videos and Instagram postings. The trio is back with a fresh prank film to thrill the audience once more.

Rivera and Gutowski intend to flirt and cuddle in front of their friends in order to gauge their reactions. The duo begins by joking with his sister, Alexa Rivera, about going on a dinner date followed by a jacuzzi.

Alexa immediately points out that since Gutowski has a boyfriend, it’s inappropriate. Rivera responded that it doesn’t matter and that he’s fine with it. Alexa recognized the joke and referred to it as the “dumbest trick.”

YouTuber Ben Azelart was the next target, as he felt uncomfortable sitting in the car with the ex-couple. “I feel like I shouldn’t be in the car,” Rivera stated, as he and Gutowski flirt with each other. It was then disclosed to Azelart that the video was a joke.

They also cuddled on the couch to prank fellow YouTubers, Jeremy Hutchins and Lexi Hensley. The most interesting aspect of the film, though, was when the ex-couple played a joke on Rivera’s crush and reported girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski.

While the two planned a beautiful outdoor date in the backyard, Pierson mistook her and Rivera for picnickers. He went on to say that it was for Gutowski and him.

Wodzynski enquired as to why she was being shown the picnic setting for the ex-couple. “Because we adore each other,” both Rivera and Gutowski said. Wodzynski then strolled out the gate, inviting her to a picnic with them. They eventually admit it was all a joke.

Do Rivera and Wodzynski have a relationship?

Collaboration is common among social media celebrities in order to increase their fan base. Fans, on the other hand, have hypothesized that Rivera and Wodzynski are dating as well as working together. The fans have even given the couple the name “Brierson” for their ship.

In December 2019, Rivera and Wodzynski met on the Awesomeness TV show Date Takeover, when he allowed his sister Alexa to choose a date for him.

Wodzynski dominated the last five girls and took home the episode. She then went on a date with Rivera, and the two quickly became friends and began working together. However, the dating rumors began when he released a YouTube video in May 2020 titled “I kissed my best friend.”

The buddies determined that Wodzynski would kiss or slap Rivera depending on the outcome of a coin flip. The two had to kiss when the coin fell on their heads. “We’re simply pals,” Rivera stated emphatically. “I and Pierson are such good friends.” We’ll kiss if you guys stop talking.”

Several YouTube videos in which they pretended to be a couple have fanned the allegations. “I got married to my best friend for 24 hours,” “She caught me kissing her best friend,” “I went on a Honeymoon withy best friend,” and a slew of other films demonstrated the two’s emotional affinity.

Both of them, though, claims to be single at the moment.

Rivera’s and Gutowski’s Relationship

Gutowski revealed her convoluted and perplexing relationship with Rivera in a May 2020 interview with J-14. They are good friends, she remarked, and they admire each other.

Both are hesitant to make things formal, according to Gutowski, since they are terrified of what would happen if they are separated. They don’t want to make any decisions that would destroy their wonderful friendship.